Honeymoon Destinations in India and Things to Do

Honeymoon destinations in India

Marriage is a heavenly relation. It not only joins together individuals or families, but it also creates a bond that remains forever. As you tie the knot together, your lives take a brand-new turn and move towards eternal love and bonding. And what better to bond in a romantic destination? But with that comes a very prominent question, where should you go? Well, if that’s playing on your mind, we will help you plan your honeymoon. Here we have made a list of the best honeymoon destinations in India that you would love to visit. Just choose the one you like, and it’s indeed going to be a lifetime of an experience.

Honeymoon destinations in India

We have hand-picked some of the best honeymoon destinations in India that you would love to visit. Let us check them out below:


Manali is frequently referred to as the paradise for lovers. It is in Himachal Pradesh and is a majestic hill station present in the Himalayan range. People often visit Manali for its scenic beauty. It does count among the romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

The snow-covered mountains and the exotic scenic beauty make Manali a heavenly place present in the heart of the Earth. Apart from its scenic beauty, Manali does have a cultural and historical heritage. During the 60 and 70s, hippies flocked into the city to quest their utopian dream, thus making Manali extremely popular in the West.

Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of Manali, you can also try out some adventurous sports. You can make several choices, such as skiing, mountaineering, trekking, and much more. You can even try out paragliding if you are keen on it at the Solang Valley or Rohtang Pass.

  Things to do:

  • Apart from trekking and rafting, you can make your honeymoon more adventurous by trying out skydiving in Manali.
  • One of the attractions of Manali is paragliding in the Solang Valley.
  • To make your honeymoon more eventful, you can sit under the stars with a bonfire and some delicious barbeque. It is going to be one of the most romantic times you and your partner will have.
  • Along with these adventures, don’t miss out on visiting the Hidimba Temple in Old Manali. There are many more Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries that you and your partner can visit.
  • And since women love shopping, you can go to Mall road to shop for some of the local or traditional things of Himachal.



Chamba is also a magnificent hill station that is present in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. It takes around one and a half hours from Dalhousie, covering approximately 55 kilometers. Chamba is a hamlet that Raja Sahil Verma established in 920 AD.

You will find Chamba to offer some picturesque breathtaking views. And, you will witness some lush green forests and snow-clad mountains, which makes Chamba a picture-perfect destination. If you want to escape the heat, then Chamba is the hill station that you must visit.

If you are fond of snow skiing, then going around the Chamba’s snow-clad mountains will indeed give you a thrilling experience. Apart from snow skiing, you can even go for river crossing and rafting. If you are a trekker, don’t miss out on start your journey from Choughan to Manimahesh.

You will see Chamba has some mesmerizing temples that were built way in the 4th century. Moreover, a Scottish church is present in Chamba that the British made when they were ruling India.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy the mural and miniature art of the Mughals. If you love collecting unique items, then visit the emporiums. You will find the variety of textiles, handicrafts, slippers, and more are immense. And you can be sure it is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime-buy.

Things to do:

  • Do visit the Dalhousie town, Churah Valley and Gandhi Gate when in Chamba.
  • Other tourist attractions you can visit are Khajjhira Lake, Chamera Dam, and Manimahesh Lake.
  • Also, you should visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary with your partner and enjoy its beauty.
  • And finally, visit the Rang Mahal, one of the largest monuments present in this district.

Dalhousie town


Chikmagalur is a beautiful destination present in Karnataka’s western part. It offers a pleasant and soothing climate that every couple would enjoy. Since Chikmagalur is an unfamiliar place in South India, it is also known as a hidden gem. The picture-perfect landscapes, lush green forests, and mysterious clouds make Chikmagalur a perfect honeymoon spot that every lover would love to pay a visit to.

Apart from the mountain ranges, Chikmagalur also has some fantastic landscapes and beautiful lowlands. The untouched environs in Chikmagalur indeed make this place one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in India that explorers must visit.

The locals believe that Chikmagalur was the place where coffee was made for the first time. Also, you will find the Central Coffee Research Institution present in this place.

Besides its mysterious mountains covered partially with clouds, you can also enjoy the waterfalls of this region. Also, this place has historical importance as several freedom fighters took birth in Chikmagalur. As a matter of fact, Indira Gandhi also represented Chikmagalur once in the Indian Parliament.

Things to do:

  • Kudremukh National Park can be fun to visit for you and your partner. There you can see plenty of sightseeing and can also indulge in some fun activities.
  • Mullayanagiri is the highest peak of Karnataka that you can watch from Chikmagalur.
  • Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary is also a must-visit if you and your partner are animal lovers.
  • Also, take a tour around the plantations of Chikmagalur. You will be able to smell the fragrance of the raw coffee beans when you go around the plantations.
  • Also, miss out on visiting Hirekolale Lake.
  • And visit the waterfalls of Manikyadhara and Jhari waterfalls. Interestingly, people call these lakes buttermilk waterfalls too.



Munnar is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. You can enjoy the winding backwaters, silvery coast, coconut groves swaying, and much more. Also, you can enjoy the view of the Western Ghat that is completely covered in tea plantations and aromatic spice.

Munnar is an excellent hill station that is present in the Idukki district in Kerala. British considered Munnar as a summer resort as it has a pristine beauty and extremely pleasant climate. Amidst the exotic greenery, you will find some lone houses that will make you love the place instantly.

Munnar is the perfect choice for couples who are adventure enthusiasts, nature and wildlife lovers. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of Munnar, you can try paragliding, boating, and trekking in this place. And when you are tired after all your adventurous activities, you can relax and soak in the beauty of Munnar.

It got the name Munnar from ‘Moonu Aaru.’ The term refers to ‘three rivers,’ which is in Malayalam. You will notice Munnar to be present at Madhurapuzha, Kundaly, and Nallathanni’s confluence. If you wish to take a break from the humid climate, Munnar is the perfect getaway for you. The enchanting beauty, rolling hills, scenic valleys, and virgin forests will make your honeymoon truly memorable. Also, you can count this place as one of the cheap honeymoon destinations in India.

Things to do:

  • Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, you can try out rock climbing in Munnar.
  • Also, visit some of the tea plantations and tea factories of Munnar. And don’t miss getting home some tea too.
  • Also, you can take a tour of the elephant village.
  • Finally, do visit some of the spice farms, as Kerala is very rich in its spices.

Honeymoon destinations in India


You find people refer to Nainital as India’s lake district too. It is situated at the Uttarakhand’s Kumaon division and was named after the Naini lake. Nainital is a hill station that homes several magnificent peaks and ancient temples.

You will find the Naini lake to be pear-shaped, with mountains surrounding it. And the lake has a circumference of almost two miles.

During the year 1841, Nainital was discovered by Percy Barron, who took immense inspiration from the place and started his writing. Nainital also has some ropeway services that give you an overview of the entire hill station.

You can even indulge in exploring the caves and boating when you are in Nainital. Also, you pay a visit to Jim Corbett National Park, which is the oldest present in India, and homes the Bengal Tiger, which is endangered now.

Nainital not only attracts tourists but also brings students from all over India and abroad. It has some prestigious institutions making it a perfect place for education.

Things to do:

  • One of the most vital things to do in Nainital is to go boating with your partner on Naini Lake.
  • You can go to Tiffin Top, also known as Dorothy’s seat, and have a bird’s eye view of the whole majestic city. And don’t forget to click some good pictures.
  • There is also a spiritual attraction in Nainital that is Nanda Devi Temple, a Shakti Peeth. Newly married couples go there to take the blessings of the Hindu goddess for their new journey.



Alleppey is a name that Alappuzha is often called. It is located on India’s south-western coast. Alleppey is blessed with nature’s beauty, and the backwaters are a major tourist attraction.

It used to be India’s busiest centers of trade that took place with Europe and the Persian Gulf regions.

The British Viceroy during the 20th century – Lord Curzon, after his visit to Alappuzha called it the ‘Venice of the East. He names this place after Venice for its exotic natural beauty. Gradually with the foresightedness of several people, Alleppey became a famous and important port town. However, apart from its commercial importance, the scenic beauty attracts couples to this vacation spot, making it one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

Things to do:

  • If you wish to know Kerala’s tradition, don’t miss out on visiting the Coir Museum when in Alleppey.
  • Also, visit the Ambalapuzha temple devoted to Lord Krishna. And don’t miss out on having the Payasam Prashad there.
  • If you are a food lover, then do have a taste of their local cuisine.
  • Also, visit the Triveni Floating market. It is a famous market present in Alleppey.
  • Finally, go and explore the historical Krishnapuram Palace.

Honeymoon destinations in India


Jaisalmer is also known as ‘the Golden City. It is one of the most famous honeymoon places in India.

The state is in Rajasthan in the heart of the Thar Desert. With your partner, do explore the magnificent crafts and culture of Rajasthan. You will find the entire place to own beauty of its own that you will truly make it a royal honeymoon.

Things to do:

  • Don’t miss out on experiencing the grandeur and magical view of Jaisalmer Fort.
  • Patwa ki Haveli is another famous place in Jaisalmer. Do visit this place to view a traditionally decorated building.
  • Also, visit Gadisar Lake and go on a romantic boat ride.
  • Indeed, take a tour on camelback and explore the magnificent golden sand and wild nature of Jaisalmer.
  • Also, pay a visit to Tanot Mata Temple and the Jain Temple.
  • And surely don’t miss out on tasting the authentic Rajasthani food.

Honeymoon destinations in India

Final Thoughts

Honeymoon is the most special and memorable time for a couple. It a time that the couple gets to spend with each other after their marriage and, of course, explore each other likes and dislikes. So, it is always vital to select a suitable destination that both like. And to do that, our list above is enough!

You can choose any of the vacation spots mentioned above and be sure to have a lovely time together. However, with the ongoing pandemic, don’t forget to do your bit of research to know the new rules and regulations each state has made. Once you are sure, pack your bags and get ready to explore any of the destinations you like, and have an experience of a lifetime.


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