Is It Time for AC Repair? What You Need to Know

ac repair

Did you know that central air conditioners can last for up to 15 years? That’s a comforting thought, considering that air conditioning systems cost thousands of dollars. A lack of maintenance and delaying needed AC repair services can cut their life short, though. Worse, they can break down in the middle of the day when you most need cool air. If this happens, you and your loved ones can be at risk of dangerous heat-related illnesses.

So, before any of that occurs, be sure to pay attention to the following signs you need AC repairs.

Weak Airflow

Air conditioners have a motor-powered fan that blows warm air over evaporator coils. The coil section then sucks the moisture out of the air, making it cool. Once cooled, the air circulates throughout your home through the AC’s vents or air ducts.

Dirt and debris accumulation on any of those parts of the air conditioner can hinder airflow. Residue can make the fan perform poorly or cause the motor to overheat. Filth can also insulate the cold coils, making it inefficient in cooling the air down.

All those can result in your AC blowing out too little cool air, or worse, failing to produce conditioned air. You’d want to call an AC repair company right away, as weak airflow is often an indicator that an AC will soon break down.

Weird Noises

According to Larsen HVAC, squealing and grinding noises indicate a lack of lubrication. These sounds come from moving metal AC parts and gears that rub against each other. Moreover, the contact between these components produces heat from friction.

All that can result in your air conditioner’s internal parts wearing down sooner. The extra heat can also make your AC work harder or even make the motor overheat. Overheating can burn the motor out, leading to the AC breaking down completely.

So, once you hear these loud, weird noises, get in touch with an HVAC repair company as soon as possible.

Water Drips or Leaks From the AC

As air conditioners wring out moisture from the air, they produce condensation. The formed water droplets then fall onto the AC drain pan. A drain pipe connected to the pan, in turn, channels the water out of your home.

Since the drain pan and pipe always get damp when the AC is in use, mold and algae can form in them. Over time, these microorganisms can form layers thick enough to block the drain hole.

Clogs in AC drain pans and pipes can cause the collected condensation to overflow. Leaks can also occur if the drain pan has rusted enough to develop holes due to a lack of AC maintenance.

In any case, such leaks from an air conditioner can lead to water damage. Molds, which can start reproducing in just one to two days, can also spread to other parts of your home.

So, as soon as you notice your AC drips water, contact your local HVAC company to fix it for you.

Stay Cool With Prompt AC Repair Services

There you have it, the key indicators that you need AC repair services as soon as possible. So, as soon as you notice these signs, call a local HVAC company. This way, they can fix your air conditioner before it breaks down completely.

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