5 Considerations When Buying 30th Birthday Gifts

Buying 30th Birthday Gifts
5 Considerations When Buying 30th Birthday Gifts

The 30th year shouldn’t be taken for granted; it’s an important milestone in anybody’s life! Besides, this age may be a starting point for everything that’s still ahead of a person—family, relationships, trips, even a new career, you name it! That’s why doing an outstanding celebration just seems right.

If one of your friends, colleagues, or relatives is about to set foot in this new decade, you’d surely like to give them the perfect gift at such a meaningful age! Leaving the 20’s behind isn’t always easy for everyone, but reaching the age of 30 is definitely something worth the celebration. You may show your loved ones that you celebrate their lives by giving a nice and suitable birthday present for them on their special day.

Cheer up your friends and loved ones who are turning 30 this year! Here are five considerations to help you pick the perfect 30th birthday gifts for them:

  1. Know Their Interests

Many people fail to choose the right present because they consider their own interest rather than that of the person whom the gift is actually for. Most definitely, you won’t get a life-changing gift unless you know what they’re interested in! A fantastic way to discover what they might like as gifts is by making a list of things you know they enjoy. Start writing down hobbies, films, meals, or even those you once heard them loved, such as a sport—everything comes in handy! You won’t even notice, but sooner than you expected you’ll realize the right gift you should get for them!

  1. Choose Something Useful

Scientific facts show that the most valuable gifts are those that are useful. One study states that what people prefer the most as gifts are the simpler and practical ones. This is another way to look at the matter; instead of trying to blow their minds with an astonishing present, surprise them with something they’re actually thinking of buying. If you’re unaware of what this can be, ask around for suggestions. Friends, coworkers, or relatives can give you a hand with this. Of course, you can always ask directly the person you want to give the present to, but where’s the fun in that?

  1. Surprise Parties Are—Almost—Always Welcome

Surprise parties are really fun, but if you plan to throw one for your soon-to-be 30-year-old friend, consider organizing it with someone also familiar with their interests. This way, the both of you can help each other and decide on a theme for the party, catering and decoration ideas, guest list, and all that comes with it. As they say, two minds think better than one!

Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts

Moreover, it can be really tricky to take the event’s VIP to the party with little to no suspicion, thus it’s very useful to have a backup ally to cover your track. And remember, not everyone enjoys this kind of surprise, so be sure your friend would love to experience it to make the best out of it!

  1. You Can’t Go Wrong With Money Gifts

Clothes, wallets, and expensive perfumes are the safe gifting options for anyone who has just been invited to a birthday party. It’s unlikely for people to give mere money as a present (although you’ve probably thought about this already) because it may seem like a plain and impersonal gift. But… does it? When gifting money, you’re allowing the other person to opt for its best use. Even if you feel like it’s a short amount of money, you can partner with a couple of other friends and offer a more generous sum.  What can go wrong with a present like this?

  1. Write A Sentimental And Ingenious Birthday Card

Birthdays are always a great occasion to get together with relatives and friends as well as enjoy a lovely evening, but milestone birthdays call for a little extra celebration and are the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care about them. If words don’t come out of your mouth, give it a shot with a milestone birthday card and surprise them. Make it personal and heart-warming, say what you haven’t in a while, and just appreciate the birthday celebrator. They most certainly won’t be expecting it, and you’ll see how happy you make them with it!


Choosing the right gift isn’t always easy, especially if you want to make it memorable and worth a 30th birthday celebration. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a material gift; symbolic and intangible gifts like an outdoor experience or simply showing your loved one how much you love them can be the best present they want to get. Overall, it depends on how well you know the recipient’s interests and passions. If you’re familiar with these, keep them in mind when searching and you’ll definitely get them an excellent gift. The most important thing you can do is to be there for them on their special day so you could celebrate together!




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