5 Ways To Decorate Your Pool Area & Be Summer Ready

Pool Area & Be Summer

Summer is just around the corner and you and your family are likely to spend much time outdoors soaking the sunshine and enjoying the warmth this time of the year. If your house has a pool, chances are that it was heavily neglected the previous few winter months and was mostly covered with little or no usage at all. Since summer is just around the corner, you should be looking to clean, maintain and redo your pool area, and listed below are five ways to do so:

1. Have some plants around your pool area

Greenery brightens up just about every space and your pool area is going to be no different. When you and your family are using the pool in the harsh summer heat, a bit of greenery around the pool area is likely to have a cooling effect on your eyes. However, if you have plants around your pool area you should also take great care to clean your pool on a regular basis and clean up any leaves that may fall into the pool on a daily basis.

2. Have a seating area around your pool

Your kids swimming in the pool while you and your partner are sitting side by side in a lounging area sums up the perfect summer afternoon – make this a reality by setting up a small sitting area alongside your pool. A sitting area would also be great if you are looking to host a BBQ on cool summer nights and have your friends and colleagues over for the evening. For the seating area, look to arrange additional pool accessories such as a pool cover, an umbrella, etc. and lagunalifestyle.com.au has a range of pool and swimming related accessories.

3. Have an outdoor shower

An outside shower is a super cute addition to your pool area if you are looking to shower before or after a swim. You can decorate the shower area with cute flip-flop collection counters, containers to leave your clothes, decorative handles and hooks and fun signs. An outdoor shower is also very useful as if individuals shower before stepping into the pool, it helps keep your pool clean and if they shower after a swim it helps keep your house clean and takes away the smell of chlorine as well.

4. Have a poolside theater

A poolside theater isn’t as expensive as you think and you can DIY a poolside theater yourself. A poolside theater would be great for those summer evenings when you have people over for a BBQ or have a small gathering – your friends and family could be lounging on the poolside sitting area or swimming in the pool while enjoying a movie on your self-built poolside theater. This would be the perfect addition to your pool area and you would host the best possible events.

5. Install lanterns around the pool area

Installing lanterns around the pool area is a great way to lighten up the area around your pool. Not only are lanterns inexpensive, they also add a very sophisticated and unique quality. They are a great way to install a light source around the pool in the evening time.


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