What Are the Newest and Best Nootropics for Memory?

Newest Nootropics Memory

Nootropics, or “smart pills,” are natural or synthetic substances that healthy people take to improve mental performance. In today’s highly competitive society, such drugs have gained popularity & are most often used to ameliorate memory, creativity, focus, intelligence, & motivation.

Some of these nootropics are prescription meds, such as Adderall, modafinil, & Ritalin, which have the strongest & most significant effects on attention, focus, & memory. A high percentage of healthy individuals take a nootropic at one point in their life to augment their cognitive function or to foster productivity. They sometimes take a combination of similar drugs to boost their effectiveness.

A Look at the Best Nootropics for Memory

We live in the era of nootropics. Curious about what meds or natural supplements might work for you? Let’s take a closer look at the best nootropics & shed some light on why this market was valued at more than $2.21 billion [1]. The following is a list of some of them that are powerful & enhance performance in several ways:

  • caffeine: It is a naturally existing chemical that increases individual alertness, ameliorates attention & reduces reaction times. It can also be administered as a supplement, either on its own or in a mix with other substances [2];
  • L-theanine: Taking 200 mg of this product has a calming effect [3][4]. Using 50 mg increases alpha-waves in the brain, which are associated with creativity. This product is more effective when mixed with caffeine;
  • creatine: It increases the availability of needed energy for the brain cells, resulting in fostered short-term memory & reasoning skills [5]. A dose of 5 grams/day is safe in the long term;
  • Bacopa monnieri: It can hasten information processing in the brain, reduce reaction times, and ameliorate memory when taken for several months [6];
  • Ginkgo biloba: The supplement can improve memory & processing speed and may be advantageous in stressful situations [7];
  • Noopept: This nootropic is a fast-acting synthetic product that may ameliorate memory by fostering brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels in the brain [8][9];
  • modafinil (Provigil): It reduces drowsiness & augments brain function in healthy individuals. It notably reduces feelings of fatigue [10]. Also, modafinil fosters executive functioning, i.e., the ability to properly manage time & resources to accomplish the desired goals. As a prescription drug, it is considered non-addictive, but instances of withdrawal & dependence have been reported at high doses [11][12];
  • amphetamines (Adderall): This drug makes users feel more awake, optimistic & attentive. It also reduces appetite [13]. Adderall significantly ameliorates the ability to control behavior & augments short-term memory. There is strong evidence that Adderall improves mental performance;
  • methylphenidate (Ritalin): It ameliorates short-term memory, mental acuity, information processing speed, & attention [14][15];
  • Mind Lab Pro: It is an all-in-one nootropic stack to optimize the nervous system. This product is the ultimate answer to “smart pill” lovers who like to stack supplements to get the benefits of all of them. It is made to target several brain pathways to maximize cognitive performance across several different facets. They are as follows: brain chemicals, neuroprotection, energy, blood flow, brain waves, & neuroregeneration that augment memory, mindset, performance, & structural performance. As an advantage, Mind Lab Pro contains no stimulants, thus making it safer to stack with & preventing brain-fog induced by a crash. It contains citicoline that helps to energize brain cells, Bacopa monnieri to fight age-related cognitive decline, and L-theanine known to help with wakeful relaxation (i.e., being alert yet calm) [16];
  • Performance Lab Mind: It helps brain productivity. It is considered the nootropic that boosts energy & fights anxiety & stress. The supplements in Performance Lab Mind also help remove fatigue & support your memory. Citicoline present in this product rewards with energy to complete tasks without getting tired [17];
  • Neurofuse: It’s a powerful product that ameliorates energy levels, fosters memory, releases stress, helps to stay focused and concentrated, and facilitates oxygen circulation. This nootropic contains safe ingredients that have been tested to work effectively;
  • Neuro Focus+: As a nootropic supplement, it works to support memory recall, cognitive function, mental focus, among other benefits [18].

Although the list contains many different nootropics with similar effects, modafinil seems to be the safest product that can be associated with fewer side effects & considered non-addictive at low doses.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online?

Modafinil is available as a brand-name drug, Provigil®, and as generic versions. Today, more people are beginning to rely on generic modafinil that can be ordered via the Internet over the counter. However, there is a high percentage of rogue online pharmacies that offer counterfeit products, including modafinil, which may be unsafe for the user’s health.

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