5 Trendy Decor Pieces For Your Farmhouse-themed Living Space

Decor Pieces For Your Farmhouse-themed Living Space

The farmhouse style of living spaces mainly use clean and decluttered farmhouse decor, plain or neutral colors and hues, layered fabrics, and eco-friendly, natural materials all around to create a rustic look, with character of its own. As time has moved on, we have witnessed multiple kinds of farmhouse styles, however, their basics remain the same. Let us walk you through five essential pieces of farmhouse decor you should invest in if you are looking to infuse a dash of farmhouse style into any of your spaces.

Natural Wood Dining Table

Nothing screams cozier than a rustic wooden dining table. 

An easy way to add a touch of farmhouse style is to find a rustic dining table as a centrepiece for your room. Add funky mismatched chairs, layered or patterned fabrics and voila, you have yourself a great dining room with a great, earthy vibe that fits the farmhouse theme just so perfectly. 

Wall Baskets

Wall baskets are cute pieces of decor that can add oodles to the aesthetics of any space.

Hanging some wall baskets in your kitchen, storerooms or around your mudrooms can help that area or living space become more functional too. Wall baskets most commonly are made of metal, wood or jute. 

You could try your hand at making these wall baskets as a fun DIY project or buy them from your local handicraft store and hang them up on your wall accents.

Up, on the wall

Small pieces of farmhouse decor help elevate the kind of style you wish to reflect around your living space instantly. Some decor pieces are an integral part of the farmhouse style; if possible, it would be a great idea to inculcate them into your home, especially since they are easily accessible and inexpensive.

Certain kinds of wall art or tapestries can bring about the theme better. They also help give your space a pop of color — a farmhouse-style must! Hanging mirrors are a funky way to tie together the theme. They are also a great way to decorate your personal room. Another easy way to integrate farmhouse style into your home is to use hanging plant holders. They are a great fit for your entrance, outdoor seating areas, balconies, porch or backyard.

Kitchen Island & Hardware

As time has passed, kitchen spaces have become more modern to make use of resources such as space and energy efficiently. However, your farmhouse style kitchen can be the same too.

Add semi-modern hardware with a touch of farmhouse theme around your kitchen such as open cabinets, sliding doors, special taps and doorknobs, etc., You can also hang shutters on the kitchen windows. Earthen pots and bowls can be used in the kitchen to match the theme. 

One of the essential parts of the farmhouse-style kitchen decor is a kitchen island. While it is a costly investment, it is also a one-time investment. 

Wooden Bathroom Hutch

Your bathroom can match the farmhouse style running through the rest of your living space too. You don’t need to change everything in your bathroom. Adding a bathroom hutch to be used as a display-worthy towel closet can make a lot of difference. Additionally, you can add a printed rug or mat to change the entire look and appeal of the bathroom. 

While there are many ways to decorate your space in farmhouse themes — the one with the modern twist or the cosy, traditional farmhouse style and everything in between — all of them are possible with just a few changes in the decor around the living space. So let’s get renovating to create a farmhouse-esque interior in just no time.


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