A Guide on What Is Financial Recovery Services and How to Handle Them

Financial Recovery Services

Have you received a call saying it’s from Financial Recovery Services? If yes, then you might try checking your expenses and debt list. This collection agency is legit and is allowed to ask debtors to pay. In this sense, they bought the debt from the original creditor, and it’s the same debt you owe, but a third-party agency is the one asking you for it. 

Debts under this kind of collection agency could harm and hinder you from opening a new loan account. Luckily, there are lots of ways on how you could avoid having this chase after you. Read here to learn the ways to remove Financial Recovery Services from your credit report: 

About Financial Recovery Services and How they Work  

Financial Recovery Services is a small collection agency in Edina, Minnesota. This agency was founded in 1996 by Brian Bowers and Wade Davis. Even though in their early years, they’re a small agency with only two staff members, they have grown their company and excelled in receivables management and debt collection. 

Financial Recovery Services now offers a wide range of services. Their services include monitoring, legal collections, auditing, skiptracing, bilingual capability, comprehensive data security, and file transfer services. Also, most of the clients they serve are situated in the United States. 

Even though their company was established the old fashion way, they don’t let pass a debt, and this could pose collection accounts in your credit report that could hinder you in applying for other loans in the future or, worse, drop your credit score.

How Can I Get Handle Financial Recovery Services in My Credit Report? 

Ignoring any sort of debt collection agency, including Financial Recovery Services, could do more harm than good. Worst case scenario, if you continue ignoring them, they may take you to court, and things will get more complicated. Thus, here are ways on how you could deal with them: 

Know Your Rights and Understand It 

First, understand that Financial Recovery Services has legal powers to collect a debt from you and is the same with your debt’s original creditor. When they contacted you to pay for your debt, know that they are not allowed to harass you during calls or in any way possible. 

Debt collection agencies are entitled to chase after debts but do it with the utmost respect and follow any reasonable means to be contacted. Also, be aware that they cannot enter anyone’s home and take all your things. Thus, if they show up at your doorstep, you have every right to ask them to leave, and if they don’t, you can file a case against them.

Ask for a Validation Check 

First, upon receiving a collections account on your credit report. Make a validation check by creating a debt validation letter. Asking the Financial Recovery Services to do this for you could be an opportunity for them to review your collections account and testify if the information is relevant or not. Also, save you from having lower credit scores. 

If you’re unaware of having any unpaid debt, chances are reflected wrong in your account, or you have already paid for it long ago. In this way, you could easily ask them to remove it as it does not yours for you to be paid for. 

Check It if It’s Sent in the Wrong Address 

It is very unlikely for collection agencies to send credit reports to an old address, but if you do receive one that’s not yours, immediately explain the situation and contact Financial Recovery Services. In this way, you could also help the real debtor to allow him to settle his account as soon as possible, thus reducing the chances of hurting his credit scores. 

By this, the debt collection agency will ask for evidence that it was sent to the wrong address. Most likely, in this case, your credit rating wouldn’t be affected at all, so don’t own something that’s not yours.

Pay for it 

If you have already confirmed that that debt is yours, you are now entitled to pay for it. If you could attend to it faster, it would be better, and this will also immediately stop the unwanted and annoying calls and letters from Financial Recovery Services. 

What do I do if they won’t stop calling me? 

You must be aware that Financial Recovery Services and all other collection agencies are required to act in their jobs by the rule set by the Financial Conduct Authority

For instance, they cannot threaten using legal actions and send out court form letters to debtors. Also, they are not allowed to pretend they have some legal powers that they don’t possess. This company has agreed on the work based on the CSA code of conduct. 

Remember that you can tell them to stop calling you, especially if they don’t abide by the code of conduct. However, telling the agency to stop would not stop them from the other legal ways to collect the debt. 

Ways on How To Contact Financial Recovery Services 

Here is a list of contact information you might need: 

Company Address: 4510 West, 77th Street Suite 200 Edina, Minnesota 55435 United States 

Contact Number: 1-952-831-4800

Contact Number for concern with regard to complaints: (866) 438-2860

Company Website: https://www.fin-rec.com


To avoid any debt collection agency contacting you, make sure you pay your debts on time. It is never a joke to be faced with debts drowning you and hurting your credit scores. But, you can always make amendments on how you could deal with them, like Financial Recovery Services. Thus, read the provided guidelines above about them.


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