A Smile to Last: 9 Helpful Features of Software for Dental Business in 2021

Software for Dental Business

Going back to the dentistry in Indus Valley Civilization, tooth extraction was one of the most excruciating operations humankind has ever known. The physicians used a flint drill to puncture it on a decayed tooth without using anesthesia. But, that was only in 7000 BCE when tooth operation gave a painful smile that lasts.

Today, modern-day dentistry has been less painful and almost bloodless. People who have fears in blood and pointed objects like injection needles come to the clinic without agitation. Hence, an excellent time to turn your dental care practice into a business. 

Running a dental care business in 2021 might be challenging because there’s still a pandemic and face-to-face contact is still limited. That’s why getting software for your dental business helps you a lot, especially in maintaining a virtual business-to-customer connection.

To enlighten you about how the software will assist you in business, below are the nine helpful features of the software.

1. Appointment Reminders

Nowadays, people prefer online appointments because they will no longer have to stay in the clinic and wait for long hours. That’s why as a clinic, having software running alongside your business makes dental practice management feasible. 

Moreover, as a dental care practitioner who owns a clinic, it’s important to keep the profit from entering your businesses’ pocket. However, there are instances that your client might miss their schedule. As a result, you just missed an opportunity to earn. Thus, with the help of software, it will automatically remind the patients about their appointments not to miss their schedule.

2. Appointment Confirmations

An appointment confirmation is one of the most helpful software features as it is both beneficial to you and your patient. When your patient sets an appointment to visit your clinic through the software, it’ll automatically send a reminder. With this, your client can press “confirm” or “decline” their appointment. As the clinic owner, you can still assist your client as the software offers a rescheduling feature of appointment–no profit will slip on your hands. 

3. Review Management

To keep up with the skyrocketing numbers of dental clinics, you must maintain a good image and service quality. This way, your former patients and potential clients entrust their concerns to your hands. 

Today, review management is one of the major virtual tools that every industry uses to highlight its goods and services. It collects feedback – good or bad – from its clients and spreads them on their website or page and related sites. If your clinic receives good to great feedback, it’s a guarantee that you have made an excellent reputation. 

4. Call Recording

Unscheduled appointments and set-to-wrong date schedules are just some of the inevitable things that can happen during on-call scheduling. But, with the help of call recording features, you can easily identify who received the call in your office and see the timestamp. You can immediately contact the client for apologies and take action with the miscommunication. 

5. Text to Pay

Now that there’s still a pandemic, businesses are advised to have a contactless method of payment. The text-to-pay feature of the software keeps your patient and staff safe from the virus because, in just one click, your client can pay their payments or balances through text. It’s a feature that payment security is guaranteed, although it uses a mobile phone to transfer money. 

6. Email Marketing

Marketing wars nowadays are set on the virtual realm. In order for your business to steal the spotlight, you must have an efficient and effective marketing strategy to connect to your clients. Email marketing is a software feature that enables you to send multiple emails to your prior and potential customers. It may contain best-valued offers, discounts, etc., that might entice the receivers. 

7. Wellness Forms

Since the COVID-19 virus still poses a threat to health, it’s important for your clinic to uphold the health security of your staff and patient. The wellness forms allow you to check the existing conditions of your client before going to your clinic.

8. Mobile Application Access

Most companies that offer software for business provide iPhone or android phones to the buyers. The mobile phone that has the installed software allows the owner to work remotely. You can view your schedules and the patients’ profiles and appointments.

9. Team Chat

Regardless of which part of the world you’re in, the software will help you connect with your staff. It provides a platform wherein you can collaborate with your team, send an important message to particular staff, and even notify the on-duties when a patient has arrived. 


Indeed, now that there’s still a pandemic, having software helps your dental office to run the business smoothly. Amid the challenges this year, it’s not a hindrance for your dental care business to thrive. It isn’t the time to prolong the patients’ dental agony, for it is the time to give them a smile to last. 


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