How To Raise A Focused Child While Living In A Distracted World

How To Raise A Focused Child

Today’s world is always moving from one thing to the next. In the middle of all the distractions, how do you raise a child who can prioritize what’s important? It’s a tough question, so let’s discuss how you can raise a focused child in a distracted world. 

Invest In Hobbies That Add Value

Hobbies can help shape your child’s interests, values, and life. With all of that on the line, you want to make sure you’re helping them choose hobbies that add value. Consider:

  • Encouraging your child to learn to draw or paint. This teaches your child how to quiet their mind and bring out their most creative side. They learn to focus on how the details create the big picture which is a beneficial lesson for all aspects of life. 
  • Having your child take music lessons. Music lessons teach rhythm, coordination, determination, and the value of patience and perseverance. These are all incredibly valuable lessons they can take with them throughout life. 
  • Enrolling your child in a sport. Sports teach kids to work together to achieve a goal. That kind of lesson, in collaboration, will help your child throughout school and life. 

Make sure the activities your child spends the most time on are adding value and encouraging them to focus on a goal. 

Reduce Digital Noise

The digital world reaches out at every opportunity. It’s distracting to grown adults, so kids don’t stand much of a chance. You can’t control the existence of digital noise but you can reduce it in your child’s life. 

  • Turn off the TV. It’s considered one of the ways to raise a smart child. While some educational programs can help your child learn, most of what’s on TV isn’t beneficial to living a focused life. 
  • Limit internet time. The internet is filled with knowledge, useful tips, and educational content, but it’s also filled with mindless distractions. It’s easy to lose hours just sitting in front of a screen. 
  • Monitor what your child watches and reads. There are many reasons this is necessary but one of them is to prevent them from being influenced by inaccurate or malicious information. 

Reducing digital noise will give your child more time to focus on beneficial activities that require more interaction and attention. 

Set A Good Example

Children mimic what they see, not just what they hear. If you want a focused child, you can’t be distracted either. Here’s how to shape and manage your child’s behavior by setting a good example.

  • Don’t spend too much time on your devices. If your child sees you on your phone all day, why would they think that wasn’t ok for them too? 
  • Engage in the activities you’d like your child to take part in. If you want them to play outside, go with them. If you want them to read more, read to them or with them. 
  • Work hard to achieve personal goals and let them see you do it. If your child watches you put in the time and effort to achieve something, they’ll be more likely to do the same. 

It’s not enough to simply tell your child what they should do. If you aren’t living up to your standards, they have no reason to live up to them either.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Children can suffer from burnout too. Overworking them or putting too much pressure on them can cause more harm than good. You can have fun while still maintaining a focused and balanced lifestyle. 

  • Use your screen time to watch something enjoyable together.
  • Go to a concert, museum, or nature exhibit. 
  • Let your child pick activities they’d like to do with you or with friends. 
  • Have a “cheat day” where you don’t do anything “productive” and just relax. 

It’s important to remember that taking breaks and finding joy is important for the mental health of everyone, including your child. 

If you read these tips without getting distracted, you’re well on your way to modeling focused behavior for your child. Raising a focused child in a distracted world comes down to your level of commitment, so get involved. 


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