Incredible places to discover that will trick your eyes

Incredible places to discover

Incredible places to discover that will trick your eyes. As humans, we always seek exploration and adventure. We travel to places to meet new worlds, expanding our horizons, seeing things unprecedented and indescribable. Visual illusions certainly belong to this category of things. Visual illusions have been created without human intervention but entirely by mother nature. There are thousands of places on our planet that will surely confuse your eyes and your mind. We certainly can’t list them all in one article, but we could list the ones that really deserve your attention and have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors in the past. Why not even you. Prepare your eyes for a journey that will confuse and surprise you.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is one of the most famous attractions in South America and beyond. Of course, this is the largest salt region in the world, originating from the various prehistoric lakes in the region, which evaporated due to drought and high temperatures. When you get to see this area, you’ll realize that the entire surface of the spot is covered with salt, which “touches” almost the horizon. When the region receives heavy rainfall at certain times of the year, the surrounding lakes overflow with water, resulting in a water layer covering the wider area, making the most beautiful natural mirror for the sky above.

Namib-Naukluft National Park, Southern Africa

Since August 1979, the Namib Naukluft Park area has been declared an ecologically protected area. A well-known area throughout Africa, where Safari activities are quite widespread and play a leading role in visitors’ activities. The park stretches over a huge radius of almost 50,000 square kilometres and consists of the formation of four different areas of Namib, Naukluft, Sesriem / Sossusvlei and Sandwich Harbor.

The park also has the highest dunes in the world, which reach a height of 300 meters. Many amazing things are happening in this vast South Africa region, but we want to focus on a peculiar phenomenon. Due to the dry climate, the dried and dead trees, in combination with the almost clay soil and the reflection of the sun in the dunes, create a visual illusion, which surpasses in beauty every work of art. Simply because nature is the greatest “artist” that existed in this world.

Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Road in Norway is a fantastic route, which includes 7 bridges that connect the small islands of the area, like a snake that jumped from the Norwegian Mythology of the country. Many suggest that this road is the best in the world. However, apart from the bridge’s impressive construction and the magical landscape that surrounds it, the following phenomenon of visual illusion is also observed. The Atlantic Road Bridge bends sharply at one point, and when you are in the right angle of view, it seems that this marvel of modern construction is facing the sky. More like a highway to heaven than a stairway, am I right?

All these fantastic destinations can really enchant your eyes. Remarkably, all these visual illusions are due to our brain’s function and not to the function of our eyes. Of course, this does mean that we should continue to examine the condition of our eyesight regularly to prevent some possible complications or even diseases. By visiting and trusting a highly trained professional such as Aris Konstantopoulos of the Aris Vision Correction Clinic, you will maintain your good eyesight so that you can safely visit areas like the above, creating new experiences, remaining fascinated by the various visual illusions created by mother Nature.


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