How to Become a Great Manager?

Great Manager

We strive to be the best in everything we get into by delivering quality service that customers will appreciate. The same thing applies when offering strata management services. To be an excellent manager, you need to ensure that you are always honing your skills and updating your current management abilities. Some of the essential aspects to look into as a strata manager Sydney cbd is improving the approach you have towards technology, communicating better, offer quality reports and staying organized.

 But this is not all; there are a few tips discussed below on becoming a great manager. Read on and find out more.

Strata management is slowly become a new hot trend in Australia due to the rising demand of strata communities. As a result, to be the best at what you do, these tips should help you be a better manager.

5 simple tips to become a great manager

  1. Be a good listener

To be exceptional in what you do, you need to be a good listener. As a strata manager, avoid appearing as you know it all, instead take the time to listen to the community needs. A good manger has an open mind and listens more to the given suggestions, which will help you know how to work and handle the community better.

  1. Be quick to respond

The community will continually have items that need your attention, from resolving disputes to the facilities’ maintenance. Thus, for every concern brought to your attention, you need to ensure that you are quick to respond, deal with the issue at hand as soon as possible. If a problem is left to seat for a while, it might worsen and become more complicated to attend to. 

  1. It would be best if you were transparent and accountable.

For a community to trust you, ensure you are transparent in every transaction you partake in and accountable for your actions. It will go a long way to develop a relationship between the community and the strata management.

  1. Be professional with your interactions.

Good managers respect their offices, which means reach on time, communicating effectively and diplomatically resolving issues. All this should be done while acting in the best interest of strata management. You are responsible for a community’s well-being, thus giving exceptional customer service skills adds credit to your reputation and professionalism.

  1. Experience is the best teacher of all.

To grasp all these tips shared above, you need to be in the managerial field for some time. Experience hones your skills to be a good manager. It will sharpen your expertise on how to deal with different individuals and cooperate bodies.


If you are looking to be the best manager, then the above tips should help you achieve this. You need to have good people skills because you will come across different people within a strata community. Good organization skills are essential with report keeping and resolving issues promptly and professionally, skills to help deal with people in a diplomatic way as a strata manager Sydney.


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