3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Are you ready to join a Golf Club?
Are you ready to join a Golf Club?

3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game. Taking your golf game to the next level doesn’t have to be a painful process. Every professional golfer started out in your position, picking up golf game tips gradually until finally competing at the top levels. With these simple, yet, effective golf improvement tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a new course record.

 Choosing the Right Set of Clubs

Before you start whacking divots into the fresh grass, take some time to dig into quality guides for choosing the perfect set of clubs. To get you started on your search for the ideal clubs and to find other tips for your golf game, start improving your golf game today at GolfClubsGuru.com.

Choosing the right set of clubs the first time will prevent a ton of headaches down the line. Having clubs that work in harmony with your body’s shape, size and swing will benefit your golf game tremendously. Here are some important aspects to consider before purchasing your next set of clubs:

  • Grip: Usually a standard grip is fine for the average sized hands, but consider adjusting grip thickness if you have small or large hands. A grip that is too thin can lead to holding to tightly, leading to a hook-shot. Conversely, a grip that is too thick can cause your hands to under-rotate and cause slicing.
  • The Lie Angle: This refers to the angle of your club’s face. To ensure solid central contact with the ball, the club’s face should be angled to correctly correspond with the lower half of your swing.
  • Shaft Properties: A shaft that is too rigid, or too flexible, can cause noticeable differences in the quality of your shots. Try out a variety of different shafts to find out what best aligns with your style.
  • Length: Factors such as arm length, stance and swing arc directly impact the length you will need. Comfort is key here. If you feel like you have to awkwardly adjust your form to swing normally, your club length may be off.

 Schedule Regular Practice Routines

If you ignore all of the other golf improvement tips, you can’t afford to bypass regular practice sessions. While many tips for your golf game only focus on one aspect of the game, practice sessions are essential if you hope to grow into a well-rounded golfer.

All of the pros understand the value of repetition and commitment to growth. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to practice, you will grow exponentially when you stick to it. With each practice session, your muscle memory improves, weaknesses in your game are exposed and you have the added bonus of enjoying yourself!

During your practice sessions, hone in on specific golf game tips that you’ve picked up along the way. For instance, if you know that your follow-through is lacking, spend the entire practice session that day exclusively focused on committing to the full swing. Don’t isolate your practice sessions to one club either. Mixing up your shots with putters, irons and drivers more closely replicates the reality of the course.

Begin recording your practice sessions. Oftentimes, you may not realize you were making a mistake until you can rewatch the shot in slow-motion. Compare your stance, swing and every other aspect of your game to professional, take golf lessons videos until you can replicate the ideal swing.

 Develop a Plan of Attack

If you’ve practiced your swing until your hands are raw, it’s time to take your polished skills out to the course. But, if you ever hope to beat your buddies on a regular basis, you have to be one-step ahead at all times. Your skill may carry you to victory some days, but to win consistently, each and every shot has to be intentional.

Don’t rush your shots. Instead of reaching for your favorite iron every time, consider every factor that might influence your shot’s trajectory. Is the grass a little deeper, the slope a little steeper or this particular green a little faster?

Visualize your shots before the swing. When your mind has already decided where and how the ball should fly, your body’s natural tendency to comply will increase your shot quality. Half of the battle is overcoming the nerves involved in a high-pressure shot, so the mental trial run helps to clear the emotional baggage out of your way.

Hopefully these valuable golf game tips make leveling up your golf game a realistic objective. If you feel that you’re struggling with any aspects of your game, there is always a pro online with the resources you need to achieve success.



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