What Causes Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Causes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

 Have you encountered the fines lines and wrinkles on your body if you are 40+? You might have experienced them. It’s most likely to get wrinkles and fine lines on the sun-exposed body parts, i.e., face, hands, feet. Before going into depth, let’s discuss the causes of wrinkles and fine lines are?

With age, chances increase to have fine lines and wrinkles because the skin becomes thin and loses its elasticity (most skin folds). 

 Having wrinkles is natural with growing older. Well, if you don’t like these aging signs and reduce them as much as you can, the following discussion explains how to remove them in this article.       

  • Age. The more you grow older, the higher chances of getting wrinkles on your skin. The elasticity of yours is likely to reduce, which leads to skin folding. 
  • Sunlight. If your skin exposed to sunlight while doing work, you’re likely to get fine lines on sun-exposed parts of your body.
  • Smoking. It leaves side effects on collagen, due to which your skin tends to lose its elasticity and becomes thinner at an early age.
  • Skin-folding. The more you change your facial expression, the earlier your skin loses its flexibility. Muscle contraction becomes the main reason for wrinkles as skin folding becomes a long-lasting feature.

Once you’ve known the causes of these aging signs, it’s time to aware of how can you avoid the fine lines and wrinkles?

Many preventions are under follows; by adopting them, you can reduce the chances of having these signs on your skin. Let’s discuss

  1. Avoid going under the sun helps you a lot, avoiding the aging signs. You need to be very cautious about your skin beforehand if you want to look younger all the time.
  2. SkincareSkincare products help you a lot when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. The right choice prevents you from dangerous rays coming from the sun directly.
  3. A healthy diet includes essential amino acids and vitamins, which are necessarily there to enhance the skin age. Medical studies have proved that eating enough fruits and vegetables is good to make your skin free from wrinkles. 
  4. The more you moisturize your skin, the higher chances to avoid premature aging signs. Make your skin hydrated all the time because dry skin leads to skin folding.
  5. Quit smoking. No matter if you have used to smoking, you can still prevent yourself from fine lines by quitting smoking and using enough water to moisturize your skin.

Visiting a dermatologist helps you a lot in the proper treatment of these aging signs. The dermatologist can recommend you the best medical treatment as per your skin needs. 

Medical science has provided many treatments for wrinkles and fine lines, but your consultant can treat you well, taking into account the condition of your skin texture. 

Let’s discuss what the possible treatment for maintaining your skin is?

  1. Dermabrasion. It includes the rotating device performed over your skin’s upper layer to make it free from the rough texture. It is a surgical procedure that removes body scars, marks, moles, and fine lines. 
  2. Chemical peeling. It applies to the body’s desired areas to make them glow and produce a fine skin surface.
  3. Fillers. Your practitioner may fill your scrapped skin with collagen or fat to get fair skin in return.
  4. Medications. You can use medicines for vitamin A to make your skin clear from wrinkles and other aging signs.


When a person surpasses his/her young age, the aging process leads to wrinkles and fine lines on your face due to many reasons apart from age. 

Sun exposure, smoking, dehydration are the most common causes of wrinkles on your body parts.

To maintain your skin, you can visit a dermatologist and adopt preventions, e.g., SkincareSkincare products usage, healthy diet, and avoiding sunlight.



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