5 Ways on How to Use PDF QR Codes in Education

5 Ways on How to Use PDF QR Codes in Education

5 Ways on How to Use PDF QR Codes in Education

The education sector is constantly looking for new tools to teach students more effectively. With the reemergence of QR codes, it has become one of those. And it has surpassed expectations.

Despite of being small images, they bring a lot to the table. From making things more convenient to opening various different possibilities for learning.

The type of QR code that can be extensively used is a PDF QR code. Here are five ways they can be used in education.

1. Paperless Class Learning Materials

Say goodbye to actual books and replace them with digital learning materials. While they are not necessarily new, the difference now is the convenience that QR codes bring.

Before, an educator either distributes the digital learning materials manually, having to send it to each student or requiring them to copy and pass out the file. Regardless of the approach, it is tedious and time-consuming.

With QR codes, the only thing the teacher needs to do is to link the PDF file to a QR code. Then, the only thing left to do is for students to scan the image and everybody has immediate access to the learning materials.

It is fast and reliable, not to mention how hassle-free it is on the side of the educator. As a result, it makes digital learning materials more practical than ever before.

2. Easier to Take Home Materials

Students no longer need to take home printed learning materials or write down their assignment. Everything can be made easier with the help of PDF QR codes.

The only thing that you need to do is create a QR code that links the PDF file that students need to take home. Then, they only have to scan the image and they have it in the palm of their hands. They can either save the file or take a photo of the QR code for later use.

Either way, it eliminates the need for any physical materials. It also cuts down the time needed for distribution, making it a more ideal choice for any situation.

3. Accessible Manuals and Guides

Lab activities and everything similar need some sort of manual or guide. The students get these from you, the teacher. However, that can be tedious when you are handling a huge class. Not to mention how many times a student will come to you to clarify certain details.

What can be done is make the manuals and guides readily accessible along with the tools. A QR code can be placed so that every time there is an activity, instead of having to approach you, your students can simply scan the QR code attached.

They can go over it as many times as they want, making it less tedious on your side and more convenient on the students as well.

4. Digital Visualization on the Go

Explanations in the form of words can be enough, but in certain cases, it can be hard for a student to imagine what is being said. Regardless what subject it is, a little visualization can help someone further understand everything.

However, printed materials can only hold so much. Pictures can take up a lot of space. What you can do instead is use QR codes to add a digital aspect to your printed materials.

Put a QR code that will direct to a PDF file that visualizes the material in question. You are not just giving additional resources, but more than enough your students need.

5. Reminders and Everything Else

Don’t you just hate it when you write something on the board to remind your students about something, but it ends up getting erased? How about posting in your social media group, only for it to get buried deep down and forever forgotten?

It is hard to keep your students reminded about something. But with the help of QR codes, you can change that. Convert your reminders into PDF files and create a QR code for them. Put them where they need to be and leave them for your students to scan and use to their own liking.


Most people would think that digital tools for education are more of a hassle. While that is true for most, QR codes are different.

Unlike conventional digital tools, QR codes require much less effort to implement but bring a lot of benefits to the table. With the use of the best QR code generator to create these codes, speed and convenience are its major contributions, but there are more to uncover.

So, to say the least, if not using them can be the wrong choice, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and possibilities, and for an educator, that can mean all the difference in your pursuit for better learning.


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