Fur the Love of Style! Why Ultamodan’s Teddy Bear Coat is a Staple

Fur the Love of Style

Fur the Love of Style! Why Ultamodan’s Teddy Bear Coat is a Staple. 2016 introduced to us all a monumental giant of the fashion scene: the teddy bear coat.

It’s still huge now, too, with so many companies producing their own lines with their own flare on the original design. My favourite being Ultamodan’s long, oversized, dusty pink option.

It’s no secret that everyone wants one, and probably will as long as fashion is talked about.

Now, let’s explore this trend a little more shall we?

The Teddy Bear Coat Trend

The Teddy Bear Coat Trend

The teddy bear coat has been embraced by countless celebrities since it’s rise in 2016. Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin have rocked them out and about to name a few.

Since the world started obsessing over them, people have realised just why it became so popular in the first place.

Teddy bear coats are arguably the cosiest, most versatile and stylish coat that has come out of the past decade. It’s about the only coat that can come in brown or bright pink, cape length or waist length and make a completely different statement every time.

But everyone thought it would be a year-long thing, but actually it’s 2021 now and it’s just as popular. For good reason, too!

Did you know that the teddy bear coat was actually worn by bikers and car enthusiasts in the 20s for its ability to block out the cold air during motor rally events? Neither did I.

They were also originally made from the same fabric used to make paint rollers, which makes them super comfortable and soft (and if you ever have an emergency involving painting a wall, they could come in useful!)

So basically, they’re pretty cool. Not only do they look good and feel good, but they have a whole history of uses and fabric facts behind them that not many people know about.

They’ve certainly earned their spot as wardrobe staples.

Let’s Talk About Style, Baby

Let’s Talk About Style, Baby

So we’ve learnt all about why the teddy bear coat was so popular in 2016, and a little bit about what it used to be used for.

Now let’s talk about style. Lengths, colours, textures… (all that sexy stuff.)

The teddy bear coat comes in almost every colour known to man. From vibrant sunshine yellows and dusty pinks, to chocolate browns and winter whites… you’re sure to find your favourite colour amongst an ocean full of options.

Oh, and it’s not just colours that have people swooning over teddy bear coats. They come in different lengths too, making them the most versatile coat to wear with any outfit. Whether it be waist length, ankle length or cropped, there’s a style to suit every look you want to rock.

Why Choose Ultamodan?

Why Choose Ultamodan

Now not only do they stock my favourite teddy bear coat, long, oversized and the most in-style shade of dusty pink there is going, but they’re also a great choice for fashion.

Their website is crammed full of multiple styles, colours, lengths and designs of fashion items, but this teddy bear coat is a bestseller AND my favourite for a reason.

Ultamodan donates a percentage of their profit to survivors of domestic violence.

So not only are you supporting a great cause, but you’re comfortable and stylish whilst you’re doing it.

Not to mention… the coat is currently on sale. So what are you waiting for?

Go get your teddy bear comfort on.


















































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