Gifts to send to your remote employees

  1. A lap desk

Although most employees have set up an official workspace at home, no one likes to be chained to it for the whole day. Give your employee the option to move around to a comfier place by gifting them a lap desk. With a lap desk, your employee can still get work done from anywhere in their house. Many lap desks available today are comfortable, durable, stable, and even stain-resistant from the second or third cup of a coffee spill.

  1. A head set

These days, virtual calls and meetings are the names of the game. For clear speaking and listening, your employees should ideally have a headset that cancels out excess noise and offers a premium microphone for tone and projection. As a gift, send your employees a great headset, allowing them to sound better in meetings and always remain in the loop.

  1. Promotional t shirts

Just because your employees are far away from the office, doesn’t mean they have to feel disconnected from your business and their co-workers. One great idea is to send custom t-shirts to your employees reminding them just how much the company cares. One site offers great deals on bulk orders of promotional t-shirts, where you can add logos and custom branding. Host a virtual get-together where all your employees wear their shirts and reflect on their favorite office memories, or appear on external webinars to promote your company and use your t-shirt as free advertising.

  1. A self-heating mug

Nothing’s worse than when a cup of coffee goes cold immediately after brewing. One great gift to send your employees is a self-heating mug, perfect for all hot drinks and one of the top gifts of this past Christmas. When placed on the temperature-controlled saucer plate, the mug will stay hot for hours, giving your employees a warm hug in a cup and cutting out the number of cups they need to make.

  1. A desk lamp

Good lighting is everything for working productively and safely. And, since your employees are most likely behind a computer the whole day, it’s important to have great, functional light that counteracts any harsh blue monitor light. Send your employees a minimalist desk lamp that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also brightens up their day.

You can’t go wrong with sending any of these gifts to your employees, who are sure to appreciate your company. A little thoughtfulness can go a long way!


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