How to Run an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign That Works

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

There are different platforms available to advertise products and services. Back then, the options weren’t too many. Businesses have to rely on television ads and newspapers. Advertising through these platforms would cost the business a lot of money. While these options are still viable, digital marketing is no more popular. Businesses have to run an integrated digital marketing campaign that will boost the brand’s popularity. It’s better to work with a digital marketing agency Las Vegas that understands the process. Combining online and offline marketing platforms will drastically improve the company’s visibility and reach. Here is How to Run an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign That Works.

Understand the target audience

The first step in the process is to understand the target audiences. Not all of them would prefer getting information from a certain platform. For instance, the older demographics might be difficult to reach the company that focuses on online marketing alone. There should be a combination of online and offline marketing platforms to easily advertise to this group. 

Another reason for understanding the target audience is to help craft the right advertisement content. For online ads, children might prefer ads that have more colors and animations. The older population might feel enticed when the ads are more professional and use neutral colors. Failure to understand what the audience wants could be a disaster. Instead of enticing them, they might feel like the company doesn’t understand them at all.

Create a consistent look 

Digital marketing campaigns can happen across different platforms and channels. Regardless, consistency is the key. It helps in forming the company’s branding. For instance, when people see a particular color, they will immediately remember the brand. Consistent use of that color will help in the association. The company logo should also be consistent across different platforms. They might not be of the same size when shown in different channels, but they have to look the same. Otherwise, it will confuse, and potential customers might think that they are patronizing other brands.

The message should be clear

Apart from the appearance, messaging should also be consistent and clear. If the company wants to advertise itself as the cheaper alternative, it should be the same across the platforms. It would be terrible if, in social media, the company provides itself as a cheaper alternative to other brands, while in email marketing, it attracts wealthier customers. Trying to be a jack of all trades could lead to disastrous results. If the business is getting bigger and many people brainstorm advertising ideas, they have to be in the same room. It’s vital that even if these people work on different advertising platforms, they’re on the same page.

Understand the competitors 

Apart from coming up with excellent advertising ideas, it’s also important to determine what the competitors are doing. They might have a better job of integrating their digital marketing campaign. It doesn’t mean that the business will copy what other companies are doing. However, it’s helpful to know the strategies that work. The business isn’t doing well despite trying different advertising strategies because other companies are doing much better. Trying to level with them will help the business get a bigger market share in the future. 

Track the progress

Not all marketing campaigns will be successful. Some of them will yield better results. It helps to regularly track the progress of the campaigns. It allows the business to determine which advertising platform works and which one shouldn’t continue. For instance, if the business used email marketing, it helps to know if more people respond to the emails. If not, this strategy might not be worth pursuing in the future. The business can reallocate its resources and finances on more effective strategies. It’s also worth investing on tools that can help track the business’s progress, especially in online marketing platforms. Some of them are available for free, so there’s no need to worry about the price. Other tools that require a subscription are also worth paying for. 

Manage the company’s reputation 

An integrated digital marketing campaign focuses on having a positive reputation. It would be terrible if a campaign works and the business gets destroyed because of one negative review. Responding to negative comments and reviews online is part of reputation management. The business should invest in ensuring that people only have positive words to say. If not, the business should respond to these reviews and set the record straight. It also provides other people with an idea about the company’s level of engagement. If other people felt that the business doesn’t seem to care, they might look for a different option.

Working with a digital marketing agency

Creating an integrated marketing campaign might be challenging. Business owners also have a lot of other things to worry about. Advertising is only one of the areas to pay attention to. The good thing is that with the help of experts like those from a digital marketing agency Las Vegas, it’s easier to come up with a more compelling online marketing approach. The experts working for these companies know the right strategies, and they can be of enormous help. They will start by studying the existing marketing campaigns and determining what to do to improve.

It takes time 

Seeing excellent results could take a lot of time. Some campaigns yield slow but steady results. Others are quick, but they don’t necessarily increase conversion rates. For instance, advertising through social media might be effective in reaching a lot of people. The problem is that the people reached might not be the right audience. They won’t necessarily buy the products sold. It means that the business needs to target the right audiences and ensure that they will see the online marketing campaigns.

Working with a digital marketing agency Las Vegas can be a game-changer. The experts working in these agencies tried different approaches before. They know what works and what doesn’t. The business will be a step ahead of the competitors by choosing the right partner. If the partnership yields good results, it should continue. Otherwise, other options can help the business post it’s online presence.


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