What to Look for in a Bathroom Remodeler: 7 Tips for Finding the Right Contractor

Look for in a Bathroom Remodeler

Did you know that more than half of owner-occupied homes in the United States were built before 1980? What to Look for in a Bathroom Remodeler: 7 Tips for Finding the Right Contractor.

Yes, you read that right. More than HALF.

And get this — 37% of homes were built before 1970. This means that more likely than not, your home could use a good facelift. 

Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is usually where we spend most of our time (let’s be honest). And that is usually why a lot of homeowners opt to hire a bathroom remodeler.

But how do you know who to hire to do the job right? What are some key things you need to look for? Here are seven tips for finding the right bathroom remodel contractor.

  1. Don’t Go With Just Any Bathroom Remodeler

There is an old expression, “You get what you pay for.” And that applies to remodeling a bathroom like anything else. So while you don’t want to break the bank, you also don’t want to go with the first guy that comes along with a toolbelt, no matter how cheap he says he can do it.

In other words, get several quotes (always in writing, never verbally) from different companies. And if someone is a great deal cheaper than the rest of the competition, you might want to ask why. It could be because the corners they cut are not of the bathtub tile variety, and could end up costing you a lot more in the end than you might realize. 

  1. Get Referrals and Reviews

Usually, a great source of honesty when it comes to who can do the best bathroom remodel is from your fellow peers. Neighbors, friends, and relatives all have hired a contractor at one point or another and are helpful in pointing the way on who to hire — or who to avoid.

Reviews are also another great way to know who you are dealing with when it comes to contractors. So check out each contractors’ online reviews and do your research on why they earned that five-star rating.

Also, make sure the reviews are within the last year or two. A two-thumbs-up review is great, but if the last glowing praise they got was in 2015, there may have been a change in employees (and quality of service) since then.

  1. Check Their Licensing and Insurance

A good contractor will make sure that all their licensing and insurance are up to date. You can request copies of their paperwork and check them out with local ordinances to make sure you are dealing with professionals who know what they are doing.

If they refuse to show you proof of insurance or balk at the idea of pulling permits in an area where they are required, that could be a red flag that you can not ignore. Even a small bathroom remodel can require a lot of complicated work with plumbing, flooring, and the like, so you want to make sure you get a contractor who is accountable for what they do.

  1. How They Communicate

When it comes to hiring a professional, communication is always key to every project. So, how are they when it comes to communicating with you, the prospective customer?

A contractor who takes two to three days to return calls might take even longer once they have your deposit in hand. And when it comes to bathroom remodeling, that is time you do not have.

  1. Check the Amount They Would Require For a Deposit

Another good sign to look out for when it comes to hiring contractors is how much they want upfront to start the job. Usually, they should already have (in writing) how much materials should cost and an estimated idea of how long the remodel should take.

And while it is, after all, an estimate, and not a concrete interpretation of how the job will go (unexpected things do happen), a contractor will be able to usually get the job started for no more than 10 to 15% of the total job value. So if they are asking for a substantially large deposit, it could indicate that they are not quite as good at their job as they claim to be.

  1. How Much Experience Do They Have?

If you want to see how capable your prospective bathroom remodeler is, ask for some pictures of past work. Usually, experienced contractors have a few ‘before and after’ shots that can highlight what they are capable of.

Another way to see if they have enough experience to match the skill level your bathroom remodel project requires is to ask for some bathroom remodel ideas of their own. If they are quick to give you some fabulous design ideas that would work for you, then you are probably on the right track.

  1. More Than Money Talks

A bathroom remodeling project requires the contractor to be in and out of your home frequently. They’ll be around you and your family quite a bit until the job is finished.

So, do you get along with the contractor? Do they seem pretty easy-going, yet professional? It’s a big deal to invite someone within the sanctity of your home, so make sure that it is someone that you get along with and won’t give you a problem personality-wise.

You Can Find the Right Person for the Job

Don’t be afraid to try any or all of these tips to find the bathroom remodeler that will work for you. Once your gorgeous new bathroom is complete, you’ll be glad you took the steps necessary to get a job well done.

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