How to Compare Various Bathtub And Accessibility Options For Seniors

Bathtub and its accessibility

Choosing the best bathtub for the elderly can be a bit demanding especially if you do not have a guide handy. You will find that a bathtub is a place of relaxation and stress relief hence it needs to be accessible to everyone regardless of age. A bathtub and accessibility options comes at a cost since it gives people with limited mobility access to the bathroom. When you are ready to purchase one, you will need to make adequate research to know the best brand to go for and the unique features that differentiate them from other brands. Running the comparison may take you some time but it is definitely worth the effort as you will be saving yourself from spending your money on a bathtub that lacks the features you desire. 

When it comes to bathtubs with accessibility options, there are brands that offer nice features at a good cost. If you need a review of some of these brands and their pricing, you can visit: to learn more about them.

In this article, we will outline some tips to help you compare various bathtub with accessibility options before taking a purchasing decision.

Getting to Know Bathtubs with Accessibility Options

Accessible bathtubs refer to bathtubs specially designed to allow disabled people or seniors with limited mobility have access to it. The access here is made possible through the inclusion of hand grips, grab bars or with the use of simple elevators that raise and lower the bather inside the water.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bathtub with Accessibility Options

The following are some factors to consider before taking a buying decision:

Check the Suitability of the Available Options

There are a number of methods you can adopt to make your bathtub accessible. If your preferred option is bathing in a tub, you can fix a lift in the existing bathtub. For those who prefer to shower, you can make changes to the shower with the installation of tub shift benches, handheld showerheads, grab bars, as well as bath seats. Additionally, the tub can be modified to make room for easy access. This modification requires the installation of a kit that opens the door in the regular bathtub. 

Furthermore, check the mobility level of the elderly in your home before you buy. If they require full-scale assistance to move around, then it will be ideal to go for an option that allows them handle the showerhead while sitting.

Bathroom Space

Before you buy, ensure that you have measured your bathroom to know the exact size and space available for new additions. Also bring the measurements with you for the supplier to see. Doing this will help you decide the model that will fit into your bathroom space as you do not want to buy something that will be too big for the space outlined for it.

Some manufacturers produce accessible bathtub models that measure up to 3-foot cubic dimensions. While these models will offer the desired luxury, most buildings especially the older ones do not have enough space in the bathroom to accommodate them. Knowing the measurement of your bathroom will guide you in making the best decision. 


It is important that you read and understand the warranty before you pay. Additionally, make sure you determine the kind of guarantee that comes with the installation like extra charges made for repairs and other issues that may come up in the long run.


Tell the supplier to refer you to installers that have previously installed the model you have chosen for other clients. The essence of this is to get someone who is familiar with the units as it will save you the stress of looking for a professional to help with the installation.

Get Different Quotes

When you are ready to buy an accessible bathtub, be sure to shop around to see stores that have the best rates. Also, while looking for a good rate, you will have to apply a good sense of observation so you do not end up with an inferior model while trying to cut cost. When shopping around for a good price, go with a writing material that you will use to note the pricelists. You can also use your mobile phone to take pictures that will help your personal evaluation later.


Since the bathtub is for the elderly, safety should take precedence over every other factor as you do not want your loved ones to get hurt around it. Generally, bathrooms are prone to accidents and old people can sustain injuries there if not properly monitored or the right safety measures put in place.

You may consider helping them have their bath but using the bathroom should be their private business except in situations where they are incapacitated. Allowing old people bath themselves if they have the strength to do so will go a long way in boosting their morale and improve their psychology. 

To prevent accidents with accessible bathtubs, it is recommended that you go for models with anti-slip, non-skid floors with grab bars for support. Additionally, it should have a seat that is ADA 17 compliant and also enhances a safe and comfortable bath. When they feel safe around the bathroom, you will observe that having a bath won’t be a difficult task for them anymore.


This may not really be a problem for most people but if you like stylish things, you may need to go for an option that is fanciful. If the older ones in your home are attracted to beautiful designs, you can also consider an option with a good design. 

These are some important factors to consider before you buy an accessible bathtub. You can search the internet if you need more information. Additionally, keeping your bathroom clean at all times should be a part of your home maintenance routine. If you need tips on how to deep clean your bathroom, you can check here.


Having an accessible bathtub makes room for the elderly and people with limited mobility to access the bathroom without exposing themselves to the risk of slipping and getting injured. If you need to add it to your bathroom, there are a number of factors you need to consider and we have outlined some of them to guide you. Feel free to check them out.


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