Fit Your Face to Designer Frames: The Best Glasses Designs for 2021

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Fit Your Face to Designer Frames: The Best Glasses Designs for 2021.Planning on going to get an eye exam and update the frame of your glasses? The world of glasses designs is ever-changing and full of innovation every year. Designer frames that are popular today will be out of style tomorrow.

For now, here are the most popular glasses designs in 2021.

  1. Clear Frames

One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the switch from solid black and dark colors to clear frames. These are frames that are see-through and you can see your skin underneath them.

The switch is happening because of how easy it is to pair it with clothing. Rather than trying to make the outfit work with the glasses, your glasses will work with the outfit.

  1. Bright Yet Nude

Another switch up from the dark colors of previous designed glasses frames. Bright nude colors are in this year.

These are a great compliment to the spring and summer months that will be upon us soon enough. Perfect for when you’re going out in the sun to the beach and still enough contrast of the skin that people will notice them.

Check out Dilli Dalli glasses for all the bright yet nude frames out there.

  1. Vintage Round Glasses

We’re also going back to the 1920s this year. Which is all good and well considering that we’re in the 20s again. This type of vintage glasses is the circular frames that you would see for the time era.

Except, instead of thin and wiry, these glasses are thicker and perfect for any occasion. Whether that be business, going out to a party, or simply strolling around town.

  1. The Ever Lasting Tortoiseshell Glasses

These seem to never go out of fashion. Tortoiseshell glasses are still here to stay. This refers to any type of frame, as this is a color pattern rather than a frame style.

The tortoiseshell pattern is an opaque color with black splotches throughout the glasses. The reason this is so popular is that you can go with whatever color you desire and it will still look good.

  1. Retro 60s and 70s Glasses

Just like the 20s are back, so too are the 60s and 70s styles. These refer to those big, perfect circle frames with lenses that are often different colors. The most common colors are pink tints and blue tints.

When you think retro, think of the Woodstock and disco era. Where everything that meant to be a fashion statement and that included the glasses.

  1. The Cat-Eye

While this shape has stayed in style for several years, the adoption of the cat-eye shaped glasses by Doja Cat has only sent the glasses to new heights in terms of popularity.

These glasses come with a narrow lens and a multitude of different colors. Making it perfect for those that love their solid blacks or favor the off-the-wall pinks and blues.

  1. The Extra Large Glasses

When you think of rich and famous, these are the women designer glasses that typically come to mind. These are those glasses that cover the entire eye, from the eyebrow to almost past the nose.

These glasses tend to stick in the neutral color range, as too much color will have your face looking like a clown attacked. Keep these glasses around for when you want to go out to a fancy restaurant or let yourself be known out in public.

  1. Thin Metal Frames

The thick-lined glasses do have competition this year, with the thin metal frames making a comeback. These lightweight glasses are perfect for complimenting the shape of your face.

These designer prescription glasses can come in a multitude of different shapes as well. Allowing you to find the shape that best fits your head. Compared to other options on this list, thin metal frames are by far the most versatile.

  1. Round Frames

Round frames differ from the vintage and retro looks by having an in-between thickness in the frames. They’re not paper thin like how the retro look is, but they’re also not super thick like the vintage style is.

These frames also have a hinge that sticks out from the circle, whether that be a side hinge or a top hinge for your temples to connect to.

  1. Aviator Glasses

Beyond the thin metal frames, aviators are coming back as well. These glasses feature the bridge that goes from lens to lens at the very top of the glasses, as well as having the bridge in the middle over the nose.

Aviator glasses have evolved though, as they now feature different shapes and colors of the lens. Rather than the olds school Tom Cruise look, you now can have stylish colors like yellow or blue for the lens. Beyond that, you can also have different shapes, like square, round, or the classic aviator style.

  1. Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are similar to the Ray-Ban style, but they lack the majority of the thicker frame. Instead, the thick frame only goes around the top quart of the glasses, making it look like it is only meant for the eyebrows.

The rest of the frame is meant to be thin metal. This style is perfect for looking professional in any get-together. They create an ambiance of intelligence.

  1. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses have been up and coming for a while as they have more research to back their purpose. While these don’t necessarily mean anything for the look of the glasses, but they do affect the eyes in the long run.

You can pair these lenses with any frames and any style you choose, but just expect it to be normal from here on out.

These Glasses Designs May Outlast 2021

With the world becoming interconnected and fashion trends reaching new parts of the world, we may be in a time where these glasses designs never go out of style. Instead, people will adopt every type of frame to meet the style they want and love.

If you want to learn more about the current trends that have taken over the fashion world, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. If you know someone in need of new glasses, be sure to share this article with them.


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