An Online Resource for Thin Military Ribbons

Online Resource for Thin Military Ribbons

If you didn’t know anything about them, a rack of military thin ribbons might look like a pretty combination of different colors, but it won’t mean much to them. 

But for someone who speaks the language – and every service member is required to learn the ins and outs of what the different ribbons mean during training – looking at a rack of ribbons is akin to reading a particularly concise biography. 

A good ribbon rack will tell you all about that person’s rank, achievements, and competencies. Fundamentally, thin ribbons serve as a practical way to show off your achievements without having to wear bulky medals. Functionally, they’re a meaningful shorthand for an introduction and an integral element of the military culture.

Wading Through the Meaning

Even if you’re an active member of the military or a retired veteran, you’d be forgiven for not remembering every single ribbon by heart. The sheer number of ribbons can be daunting, and that becomes further compounded once you take into account that each branch of the armed services has its own ribbons with its own language and meaning. That’s why USAMM is such a valuable resource for finding ribbons

Here you can find all of the military ribbons in current use, and their catalog includes detailed descriptions of every ribbon, and what purposes they serve. Whether you’re just looking to refresh your memory or you’re trying to become a serious collector, that’s a huge asset.

And Taking Your Hand When Needed

But the coolest aspect of USAMM’s site is undoubtedly the EZ Rack Builder. 

This system walks you through the entire process of building a ribbon rack. Not only can you easily find the ribbons you need and add them to your rack, but the EZ Rack Builder will automatically order them in the right way so that everything is the way it’s supposed to be. You don’t even need to have much knowledge to work it. 

The simple step-by-step process keeps everything within the proper policies and etiquette while giving you as much freedom to customize the experience as possible.

Custom-Built and Delivered Fast

That also means that the rack you build is going to be exclusively your own. From the selection of ribbons to the size of the rack to decorations and accessories, your thin ribbon rack will be built from scratch right to your specifications. And just because it’s a bespoke approach to thin ribbons doesn’t mean that you’ll need to wait forever. 

Each rack is constructed and shipped within 24 hours of your order being placed. You don’t need to worry about any mistakes either. All of the magnetic racks that are custom-built are triple-checked to make sure that they’re completely accurate before being shipped to the customer.

All at An Affordable Price

USAMM makes accuracy a high priority, but they’re also dedicated to making sure that their prices are honest and fair. The price for official thin military racks starts at just $10, and since it’s priced by the ribbon, you don’t need to worry about paying for something that you didn’t want to pay for. 

That level of transparency, along with the rave reviews from customers, makes USAMM the most sensible choice if you’re looking for a magnetic thin ribbon rack or simply standalone thin ribbons. Whether you’re a member of the Coast Guard, the Marines, the Army, the Navy, or the Air Force, you’ll find everything you need in one place, and you can get your perfect rack customized in a matter of minutes rather than hours. 

That’s service you can depend on.


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