Are You a People Person? 5 Great Careers to Consider in 2021

Careers to Consider in 2021

Some people love sitting alone in the office, minding their own business. Others will spend the whole day glued at their computer screen without looking up for a moment. For others, it is a different story. Keeping quiet is impossible; they want to be part of a team; they value connections and will easily open up-even to strangers. Here are some Careers options to Consider in 2021.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop being a “people person”. But the good thing about being extroverted is that you can fit into lots of great Careers to Consider in 2021. The following are some of the best ones in 2021.

1. Sales Executive

If there is one job that gets you out there, it has to be in sales. Salespeople hardly spend a day in the office, and when they do, they are talking to walk-in customers or making calls offering people wonderful solutions.

This position will allow you to connect with people in a very close way because you have to know your customer well and walk in their shoes to understand the problems they are going through and how your product can be of help.

While being an outgoing person really helps, you must be charismatic, empathetic and most importantly, bold. If this describes you, you will do well in a sales job.

2. Event Planner

Event planners do everything from putting together weddings to conferences to political functions. These professionals have the responsibility of working with a set budget to see to the success of an event. Really, their work is to put in sync all the moving parts. To foresee potential problems and address them before things go wrong to make sure that everyone goes home happy.

 As you can imagine, event planners have to work with so many people. They have to hire, negotiate, and supervise vendors such as caterers, florists, photographers, security, lighting and sound etc. Here, you need to be able to work with different personalities, be a natural leader and be persuasive.

This field is broad, and event planners often find themselves specializing in a particular field. For example, you could choose to become a wedding planner, conference organizer, or business meetings convener. While you might require event planning training online to get into the event planning business. This will help you to have expertise in public relations, communication, and business.

3. Teaching Assistant

There are few careers that impact people’s lives more than teaching. Indeed “To teach is to touch a life forever”. Educators work in educational settings to help learners appreciate knowledge and gain new skills.

While teachers are tasked with class management and building lessons, teaching aids offer a support role. This means that they work hand in hand with the lead teacher to ensure that the curriculum goals are met.

As a teaching assistant, you will find yourself assisting children who might be lagging behind or those with difficulty concentrating. You will also be assigned some administrative duties such as preparing lesson materials and so on. To become a teaching assistant, you need at least a certificate level of training.

4. Counsellor

If you are empathetic, patient and kind, you might make a good counsellor. Counselling professionals listen to people’s problems, devise ways of solving them and provide therapy. But it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem because you sometimes have to deal with difficult people and complex problems that don’t have straightforward solutions.

But this is one incredibly fulfilling career. Helping other people get better will no doubt help you feel good about yourself. Counsellors work in different settings, from schools to hospitals. You might also decide to go into private practice.

5. Social Worker

This is a broad definition of work that involves lots of things. Some people here work in advocacy and speak about social injustices and fight for the rights of marginalised groups. 

Others work with NGOs that support social causes, while others work directly with vulnerable people in the society such as orphans, street children, the homeless etc. and address their needs by providing material and emotional support.

It’s Not Just About the Money

While not every job here is highly paying, Careers to Consider in 2021 that involve working with people are deeply fulfilling. Most people who get a chance to impact others through their daily work report high levels of job satisfaction and find their jobs highly meaningful.


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