Why should you consider a granny annexe – what are the benefits?

Granny annexes

Granny annexe – accompanied by a case study

Granny and family annexes have always been a sensible choice for those with elderly relatives, but the benefits of having a family annexe have become more apparent throughout lockdown in the UK.

Family annexes can offer comfort and privacy in comparison to a typical ‘granny flat’ and means they are suitable for the whole family. Annexes offer independence and safety for families whether you are young or old, providing an alternative living solution to purchasing an expensive UK property.

The family log annexe is not only ideal for elderly relatives who depend on being close to home but could also be for children that cannot afford to get on the housing ladder.

Here are some of the most common reasons and benefits why people granny annexes are becoming more popular:

  1. Annexes can add value to your home

Well-built and maintained granny annexe (such as an attractive log annex) can add to the value of your home due to the multi-functional use of annexes, making them an attractive property feature for potential buyers and helping the house sell quicker. Annexes are a long-term investment and can benefit you and your family in years to come if done right.

  1. A solution for first time buyers – a great alternative to renting

Due to house prices rising over the years, with average UK house prices peaking in November 2020 to £250,000 – it’s not surprising that many young people today face the challenge of buying a home of their own and moving out. Annexes are a stylish and straightforward way for parents with young adults to help them get a place of their own and avoid paying rent which can become costly. It could also be ideal for a divorcing son or daughter with children that cannot afford to get back onto the housing ladder.

Living room annexe norwegian log

Norwegians Log’s Family annexes range from 1-4 bedrooms, depending on the needs and size of the family.

  1. Caring for the elderly – no care home fees

Care home costs for the elderly can soon become very expensive for the families, with the average weekly cost of living in a residential care home being £704 within the UK. This totals to an average monthly cost of residential care which is £2816.

Family annexes make sense financially when you have an elderly parent or relative who needs to be close to home and see familiar faces, it can save you money in the long run. Another factor to consider is people with disabilities who require extra support from family members.

Annexes can be adapted with handrails, shower seats, and wheelchair access of which the requirements will be different and bespoke for every family.

Granny annexe worked for a family in Somerset, when Dave Swift’s daughter decided to move to a new house after preciously living next to each other in neighbouring properties. Dave began to become concerned that he would see less of his daughter Kelly, but due to a lucky double house sale, Dave was able to explore the option of a Norwegian Log family annexe.

Dave explains “Kelly wanted to buy a home with her new partner which would have meant she’d no longer live close by… I’d done some research and suggested to Kelly that ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we could build a log cabin’. And that’s what happened!” laughs Dave.

Dave’s research led him to Norwegian Log after visiting the company showroom, with the annexe build taking 4 weeks in total. “I have room for a guest to stay but the size means it’s also very manageable. It fits like a glove, everything is within two steps and easy to reach,” he grins. “It has exceeded my expectations, and everything has just turned out brilliantly.”

CTA – Check out the Norwegian Log granny annexe image gallery and 3D virtual tours to view the range of annexe structures and sizes.



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