Will Solea Sleep Help You Stop Snoring?

Solea Sleep

Snoring is a significant problem in many marriages, especially as couples get older. The first step to fix it is to admit that you do it, even though you’re not aware. Wanting to change is enough, and your partner will definitely appreciate it. Find if Solea Sleep will help you from snoring or not.

New statistics show that around 25 percent of the population in the United States snores every night. That rounds about 60 million people. In order to fix something, you first have to measure it. Keeping a diary or a notepad next to you or a partner that keeps you accountable is crucial. Click on this link to read more. 

Another thing that you can do is get a heart rate monitor that can accurately measure your sleep. This can be connected to an application that will tell you how much time you spend in each sleeping phase. Next comes the part where you identify how you snore.  

There are four main types, and all of them have a different way they can be cured. The first one is closed mouth snoring. If you fall into this category of people, then this indicates that your tongue gets displaced while you’re sleeping.  

If you do it with an open mouth, then it’s highly likely that the tissue in your throat is loose. Next on the list is snoring only when you’re sleeping flat on your back. To solve this, you can start sleeping on the side, or you can add a few healthy habits like exercising and losing a bit of weight. Finally, if you snore in any position, you might need professional help. 

What can doctors do? 

The first thing that a doctor can do is prescribe you an oral appliance. These are manually made to fit in your mouth, which will move your jaw or tongue to make your breathing easier. The first few visits to the dentist will be about optimizing the fit and making sure that everything is working as it should. Visit this link for more info https://www.sleepfoundation.org/snoring/mouth-exercises-to-stop-snoring.  

Then, you’re going to need to use the appliance for a few months before a checkup. The first few times will be to assess how your oral hygiene holds up because you might experience some discomfort, pain, or even dry mouth from wearing them. The second thing is to use a CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure.  

This will include wearing a mask that will push air through your mouth and nose. It is the most reliable method that is used, but it’s quite uncomfortable. Your bedside partner might be relieved that you aren’t snoring anymore, but the noise from the machine might still be enough to keep them up.  

How can Solea Sleep help? 

The methods we mentioned above take a lot of time to work. It usually takes half a year to feel the difference from wearing oral appliances. When it comes to CPAPs, it might take years until you’re completely used to the noise, as well as the discomfort.  

Getting solea sleep is a way to immediately take care of the problem by using high-end laser treatments. You might cure the problem with a single 30-minute visit. The reason it works is that it uses the laser to strengthen the collagen that’s located in your soft palate.  

This is the same as going to hundreds of singing lessons. As long as that part of the throat is stiff, then you won’t have any problems with air passing through the canals. This is because the vibrations will be removed, and the problem will be solved.  

Lifestyle changes that might help 

Most of us don’t move that much. Our lives happen in front of the computer, and we spend the majority of our time in front of some kind of screen. Changing the scenery and going out for a walk while you’re listening to some music or a podcast is a great way to start a new and healthy habit.  

Losing weight in this manner will be extremely helpful because it will reduce the pressure in your neck, and that can stop snoring on its own. Also, when you’re taking a shower in the morning, bring your phone with you and try singing to your favorite songs. This will tone your throat muscles, and it will also make you a better singer. 


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