Plumber Canberra – Advantages Of Hiring A Professional

Plumber Canberra

Every household needs a professional plumber canberra to handle their pipework and other concerns as to drains and lines. However, finding one can be quite tricky, especially with cheaper albeit questionable options available. In fact, you can even conclude DIY-ing it is the best way to go, and even the CDC (read more) has provided some guidelines. But the risks of handling your plumbing, especially with gas lines, simply isn’t worth it.

Since your physical safety is still the number one priority, we urge you to discontinue your plans to DIY your plumbing. You might think it’s just a simple clogged drain or easy-to-install dishwasher, but have been much news had resurfaced about professional plumbers getting electrocuted or pipes bursting right at their face, causing extensive bodily harm. These professionals were all well-equipped and knew what they were doing, in comparison to an average citizen like you.

Positive Signs Of Hiring A Professional Plumber

  1. They Have State-Of-The-Art Equipment 

Professionals that work for reputable companies are sure to have updated equipment in their arsenal. This equipment will help them address any of your pipeline problems, from clogged drains to leaky pipes. And since these experts have studied, taken an exam and obtained their licenses, they know exactly what they’re doing inside your home. They’ll be able to help you with the minimum effort exerted, but quick and efficient work done.

One of the great equipment plumber canberra uses a snake drain, a plumbing camera that lets the professional see where the clog is in order to unclog it quickly. 

The professional first inserts a thin wire with the camera and pushes in the pipe until they find the clog. There, the metal coil starts to clear out the debris, increasing water flow once again. Professionals like guys from Blueline plumber Canberra have these tools and more. Otherwise, many unlicensed ones just manually unclog it, which will take longer, in turn, racking up your hourly fee with them.

  1. They Can Give You Expert Advice

Though not all plumbers can give you expert advice, those who are expert, seasoned professionals can impart some advice some useful information you can make use. That advice can range from assessment of your pipelines, the state of those pipes and if they are in need of replacement, to sharing safety precautions when using the newly installed dishwasher. They’re advice an average citizen won’t know unless a professional give them such information.

As for trust, you can be sure to trust a plumber of your choosing, as long as you know how to pick the good ones. That’s why it’s essential to ask the professional about his license, or if he has attended any workshops regarding this problem before. It’s easy to address your silent apprehension if they’re able to put them to rest themselves. 

  1. They Know How To Work The Cleanest Way Possible

If you were to act upon a clogged drain yourself, it’s safe to say you’ll be making a mess of yourself and the pipes. That isn’t ideal, plus, it’s unhygienic and can cause many diseases for you and your family. Choose the wise thing and hire a professional. They’ll not only unclog your pipes but know the best way to fix it without spreading filth everywhere. Plus, they’ll be cleaning it themselves, which saves you from the dirty work (literally!)

  1. They’re Properly Licensed To Do This

We’ve mentioned it before, but only professional plumbers should touch your unclogged pipes or uninstalled dishwashers. To be a plumber in Australia, you need to undergo a 4-year apprenticeship, which you will need to complete before getting a nationally accredited requirement (link:,pipe%20identification%2C%20and%20trade%20terminology.) called a Certificate III in plumbing. Only then can someone be considered a professional, fit to work in a company.

There’s a reason why plumbers undergo such a long training period (often as long as any bachelor’s degree) with both classroom-setting and on the job training. It’s because plumbing isn’t just limited to their skills to unclog a pipe. It can go beyond that, like handling flammables such as gas lines, handling leaky waterlines, and addressing frozen pipes left unattended during winter. All of these have the potential to become dangerous for the professional. 

  1. They Can Address Your Problem Within A Day

This is given that you hire a professional plumber that is both local and reputable. These companies understand how important it is to have unproblematic pipelines, or dishwashers needed to be fixed or installed. These can hinder a customer from doing necessary chores, which can eat up their precious time. That is why most, if not all, plumbing companies have emergency hotlines you can call if you’re in urgent need of their services.

Questions To Ask In Order To Find A Good plumber canberra

  1. Ask For A Quote Before Hiring

As a homeowner, you should be wary of companies writing up quotes before they come and assess your problem. Usually, a plumber (typically the one who will work with you) should visit your house and evaluate the situation first before giving you an estimated quote. They should also be able to foresee any additional types of equipment and services beforehand, and not add it at the end of the day. 

And most importantly, never pay before you received the service and never transact with companies that demand so. It can only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

  1. Ask If They Are Insured

If the answer is yes, you need to ask for proof of their insurance. Not asking will legally bind you to the responsibilities of any injuries they might have whilst they work in your home, and nobody wants that. You’re paying them to work at your pipelines, not for their hospital bills. 

  1. Ask About Their License

Though the company they might be working for has insured you all their professionals are licensed, it never hurts to ask the plumber directly and ask to see their certificate, card, or license number. You’re paying them for their services, so you are entitled to questions that will ensure you of a job well done.


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