How to Resize an Image on Android

Free Online Image Resizer
Free Online Image Resizer

We all like taking pictures for reasons of creating and storing memories. For business purposes or merely honoring our hobbies, photographs are an intimate voice to talk to anyone about anything. When buying smartphones, those with high resolutions in their cameras are often picked to get photos with good clarity. 

However, the problem that follows is sending, posting, or using these large file sizes. With most of us being on various social media platforms, these images cannot fit the requirements. They demand more space in the memory, so the solution is getting an image editor application to reduce the file size while maintaining the quality.

Images are made of several dots called pixels, each of them having an undertone., every pixel is a combination of the three primary colors [red, blue, and green]. Bytes are used to store these pixels. When an image has many pixels, it has many bytes and stores all that huge file size information. This disadvantage has been cumbered by coming up with the Free Online Image Resizer.

Use Free Online Image Resizer

The good news is, there are various photo applications out there, like the Free Online Image Resizer that includes some in-app purchases such as features or filters to augment photo editing capabilities. If all you want to use it for is to resize your pictures, this tool has more free offerings. There are many options for high-resolutions cameras, but not so many people are financially capable of buying quality cameras, with Nikon D5600 going for $42,999. This price is not affordable for an everyday person on the streets trying to get quality photos.

Outstanding Compatibility

The Free Online Photo Resizer is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. There are approximately a 127.8Million Android users worldwide as of the year 2020. This substantial demographic provides a sphere for innovation for its producers. This image resizing tool is acting on this already provided niche in creating an app compatible with the device. This move is a win-win for both the users and the producers.

What the User Needs to Do

  • Take a photo using the device’s camera.
  • Head into the Free Online Image Resizer app and upload the photo to the template with the preferred dimension.
  • Tap and keep editing until it is satisfactory.
  • The app has dimensions in terms of width, height, x-scale, and y-scale. These measurements help the user come up with the correct or preferred size as they keep editing.
  • Keep applying the changes, then download them. If the work is not up to the task, the user can delete the image.

Easy to Use

The app has a horizontal flip option if the user wants to use the next image in the device. Other features available on Android include:

  • Simple interface
  • Special effects (filters)
  • Adjustments to light, color, and creating a balance
  • A rotate feature along with all angles
  • Presets for size or combo effects
  • Blemish Correction

The Free Online Image Maker makes it a snap to quickly remake by resizing images using templates from popular social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn for cover photos, profile images, and presentations. What is more enticing about this tool is that it allows the user to make videos out of the uploaded photo. This tool provides spaces for placing brand names, add logos, slogans and music to go along with the video. Those who practice web and graphic design should use these features to make complete videos, posts, and presentations.

Variety of Editing Tools

When using this app on the phone while editing, the primary process that is involved is compressing. There are two kinds: lossless and lossy. With the former, you won’t strip away the details. The quality is maintained, but the size is reduced. The system uses algorithms to go about this process. Many would argue that this is optimizing rather than compressing. Lossy compression allows details to be thrown away, resulting in lesser file size but low quality. Certainly, the sharp lines are likely to get blurred, similar undertones getting blended, and small details vanish. This process almost acts like cropping, which many phone users use but is not a preferred choice.

Best Price Range

In a world where not everything seems as it is, we all want to take a sneak pic of working before committing to it. The app allows the potential consumer to have free usage of some of the services. Moreover, it has transparent pricing with the Basic package goes for $49, offering unlimited video downloads, three premium clips but no access to a watermark. The Standard package goes for $99, offering unlimited premium clips, watermark, video downloads but with only one brand to manage. The Pro package purchasing price is $359, and it provides unlimited premium clips, video downloads, managing up to 10 brands, and has reselling rights. From the above, we can see that it caters to every user’s financial capability.

Final Thoughts 

The Free Online Image Resizer is friendly for all types of users. For instance, the feature of already created templates showing different aesthetics from YouTube videos, webinars, lifestyle content, educative and interactive data makes it usable by people of all ages and all walks of life. In short, the reduction of images and saving the resulting image in different formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP is a plus for the users and places this tool in a reliable and dependable position.


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