5 Serious Signs You Should See an Ear and Throat Doctor


Are you having medical issues with your ears, nose, and throat? These biological systems work together and a problem in one can cause issues in another. As they are integral to your respiratory system, it is vital you know how serious they can be.

If you are having problems, we suggest you visit a doctor immediately. Below, we discuss serious symptoms that are signs you need an ear and throat doctor.

Hearing Loss

A persistent hearing loss may be a sign that you need an ear and throat doctor. Temporary hearing loss can be quite common and often occurs if wax in the inner ear dislodges. However, for a loss of hearing that occurs for more than a week, you need a specialist to look at it.

It could be due to infections in the inner ear and throat. These can not just cause pain, but eventually impact balance, which will render you unable to walk far without dizziness and headaches.


Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ears. It can sound like a high pitched buzz, or a white, static noise sound. It impairs your hearing and is highly distracting, sometimes resulting in headaches.

Many people get tinnitus if they have been exposed to loud sounds for a long period, but it will eventually subside. If you feel that it is occurring more frequently and without cause, then it could be the sign of an underlying problem.


Snoring is caused by the passage of air making your tongue, mouth, throat, or airways vibrate as you breathe. When you sleep, these areas of your body relax and constrict. The space the air has to move through becomes narrower.

While snoring can be perfectly normal, it can be annoying. In addition, it can be a symptom of other health problems. For instance, people who are overweight are more likely to snore.

Visit an ear nose and throat doctor to discuss the problem. They can check your health and give possible solutions to the problem. This will allow you, and those around you, a much better night’s sleep.

Recurring Congestion

If you feel congested and are constantly trying to clear your nasal passages, then you should visit an ear and throat doctor. As the system is joined, congestion could be a sign of infection. This may then transfer to other areas through the series of linking passageways.

Recurring Infections

Any ear and throat symptoms or problems that keep recurring could be a signal that something else is going on. This can include both ear infections and throat infections.

One common recurring ailment is sinus problems. This problem can be acute or chronic, and if left unchecked can result in a loss of vision, headaches, fatigue, fever, and dental pains.

Do Not Delay Ear and Throat Doctor Visits

Ear and throat doctor visits should not be put off. As they regulate a complex system and are housed in your head, they can cause serious problems. Contact a specialist today.

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