What are dried flowers?

What are dried flowers

Other than the name suggests, dried flowers are more than just dried flowers. Dried flowers is the collective name for all natural, dried decorations. These can be ornamental flowers or grains, but dried pine cones and lianas are also dried flowers. Therefore drying decoration would be a more appropriate term.

What types of dried flowers are there?

There are many types of dried flowers, for which several classifications are possible.

1.   Dried grasses

The most popular type of grass at the moment is Pampas grass. With a few plumes of Pampas, your vase and house immediately gets a bohemian character. Pampas grass is nowadays available in all colors of the rainbow, but I secretly like the natural version the most. Arunda and Erianthus are also grass types that are often used for dried flowers.

2.   Dried grains

Wheat and oats are the popular cereals that are dried. Sometimes natural but also available in all colors of the rainbow, because grains can easily be colored.

Preserved flowers, branches and leaves

Preserved dried flowers are another sport. Fresh flowers or branches are treated with glycerine at their peak, which helps them retain their natural shape and color. This process is suitable for all fresh flowers, but is widely used for roses. Eucalyptus branches are also often preserved. Eucalyptus is extremely suitable for making dried flower wreaths. As a base or in the lead, as you see in the picture.

Dried flowers: Natural

In natural drying decoration, the “flowers” ​​are dried naturally and that’s it. This gives them their natural color and shape.

  • Examples of natural dried flowers are Lavender, Carthamus, Phalaris, Cane Cigars, Everlasting White and Rice Flower, thistles, poppy, helichrysum.

Dried flowers: Dyed

When drying decoration gets a color, one speaks of painted dried flowers. Almost all flowers, grasses and grains can be colored. Letterbox gifts of dried flowers is a nice surprise for family or friends!

Dyed dried flowers

Nowadays you also have dried flowers in all kinds of colors. Many grass types such as Phalaris and many leaf types (such as Ruscus, Bougainvillea and Palm Leaf) are painted in bright colors. With these dyed dried flowers you get real beautiful eye-catchers in the dried bouquet. You can also order these dyed dried flowers at Bloomgift.

How do you make dried flowers yourself?

You can make your own dried flowers in a fairly simple way. All you need is a good dose of patience.

Hang a bunch of flowers or grass upside down in a dark and well-ventilated area. Hard or sturdy flowers and crops are best suited for drying.

You can make traditional dried flowers yourself by hanging bunches of flowers or grasses upside down in a dark, preferably well-ventilated place. Some types of flowers are better suited for this than others. Dried flowers can also be sent as a mailbox flowers set!

How do you care for a dried flower bouquet?

Yes, you have your coveted bunch of dried flowers at home. But how do you ensure that it stays beautiful?

No water

Perhaps the most important point: don’t water them. Unlike regular flowers, dried flowers do not benefit from it.

Out of the sunlight

Dried flowers do best in the shade. Sunlight can cause discoloration and make the bouquet fall out earlier.

Dried flowers and fragrance

Also nice to know, many flowers also retain their fragrance once they have dried. In addition to the well-known rose, lavender or bay leaves also have a pleasant smell. For example, you can tie the loose stems together with a string and place it near the toilet.

What can dried flowers be used for?

Besides dried flowers in a vase, you can go in all directions with it. Do you get accommodation? How nice is it to place a few dried flowers tied together on the pillow. This immediately creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere!

A few sprigs of lavender are also lovely to put in a wardrobe. Besides that it looks nice, the scent also remains active with dried flowers. The wardrobe is the perfect place for this.

Dried flowers also look great in photo frames. The best way to make use of this is to put the dried flowers in an old book so that they are flat as well as dry.

Also recommended, make your own tea with dried flowers! A nice example of this is the chamomile tea, about which we wrote a blog earlier. Definitely worth a try.

How long do dried flowers last? And what about maintenance?

The big advantage of dried flower bouquets is that they last for months or even years. Especially if you handle your flowers neatly and carefully, they will remain beautiful for a long time. This means if you handle it carefully.

If you are tired of your bouquet, you don’t have to throw away your flowers. You can easily turn it into a new flower arrangement. You can “rearrange” them or add new dried flowers.

Like fresh flowers, the dried varieties are sensitive to impact. Dried flowers need no further maintenance. Do not wait any longer and order your own bouquet with Dried flowers quickly!

What does a dry bouquet look like?

A dry bouquet is especially notable for its neutral and soft shades, alternated with a few striking branches. In the photos below you can see what our dry bouquet looks like after 2 weeks. Be especially surprised by the beauty that results when flowers are dried. Check out the dried flower arrangement Sydney for the best arrangements you can find.

History of dry bouquet

In the 70s and 80s they were extremely popular and after that it was quiet for a while around the dry bouquet. It was seen as old-fashioned and boring. Fortunately, that is now over, because dried flowers can be seen again. This allows you to enjoy the most beautiful flowers for an extra long time and it is also sustainable.

Where in the past mainly bridal bouquets were dried, now it is mainly the whole bouquets and loose flowers that are popular for drying. They are therefore indispensable in many interiors!

If you still want to ask the question why you would want a dry bouquet, all we can say: Try it and you will see that you enjoy it every day. Good luck!


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