Child’s First Dental Visit: What to Expect

First Dental Visits

Did you know that one in six parents delay dental care until age four? By this age, many preventable dental problems have already begun. Find what should you expect First Dental Visits.

In a survey of 2,005 parents conducted by Michigan Health, 50 percent of them said they didn’t receive any information from their pediatricians about when to start dental care for their children. 

Dentists will tell you that the first visit should before a child celebrates their first birthday or about six months after getting their first tooth to prevent any serious dental issues from developing. 

Keep reading to learn some things to expect during a child’s first dental visit. 

Find the Right Dentist First 

To prepare for your child’s first dental visit you should first find a pediatric dentist. The best kids dentist will make your child feel comfortable and have friendly staff. You can check out some reviews online before making a decision. 

You can find a list of First Dental Visits by calling your insurance company or talking with friends and family who have children to hear some of their suggestions. You can also call the dentist’s office beforehand to ask about any concerns you may have. 

Some Things to Do Before the Appointment 

Once you’ve found a dentist for toddlers that you feel comfortable taking your child to, there are a couple of things you should take care of before the appointment. Make sure all insurance information is up to date and bring that to the appointment. 

Bring a list with additional questions and any medications your child takes. Prepare your child by explaining what’ll happen during the appointment, this might help calm their nerves if they’re having any. 

How the Appointment Should Go 

A child dentist is well trained to approach their patients in a friendly and comforting manner. During the visit, the dentist might ask you to sit in the chair with your child to make them feel more at ease. 

The dentist will perform an examination looking for any cavities or decay, examine the gums, and check to see if your child has a normal bite. The dentist will ask you questions about your child’s medical history, diet, and any habits that could be affecting their oral health. 

After the Examination 

After the dentist finishes the examination, they’ll offer some tips to help maintain good oral health. They can talk to you about cavity prevention, how to use fluoride, diet, and oral hygiene tips to keep your child’s smile as healthy as can be. The dentist will probably ask you to come back in another six months to continue doing routine checkups. 

Everything You Should Know About a Child’s First Dental Visits

A child’s first dental visits should occur within the first year of their life. Establishing good dental hygiene habits early on will prevent your child from developing bigger issues when they’re older. During the first visit, your dentist will do an evaluation and offer suggestions for good oral hygiene. 

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