How To Order VPS Server using Bitcoin?

VPS Server using Bitcoin

Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular open-source distributions. There are many reasons to use Ubuntu Linux as a suitable Linux distribution. Apart from being open source and free, it’s customizable and has a complete software center. Keep reading to find how to order VPS server using bitcoin.

Multiple Linux distributions are designed to meet different needs. As we all know, Linux allows developers to access and view system source code, depending on their needs, and to change or add something new to it. The most popular Linux distributions are Ubuntu, CentOS, Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Debian.

If we look at the statistics, Ubuntu is the most popular open-source operating system. For most of us, Ubuntu was our first Linux operating system. So I decided to share here 10 reasons to choose Ubuntu Linux as an operating system for your Server or Desktop

How to buy a VPS?

As we said, you can buy VPS from different sites; we also introduced some reputable sites above that you can use these sites to buy a virtual server.

Wherever you are in the world and want to buy a VPS, you can buy a VPS server with a credit card(CC), PayPal, and encrypted currency such as Bitcoin(BTC).

Buy VPS with Bitcoin is a very safe way to pay less fee, and you can use different wallets to transfer bitcoins, and most VPS providers support it.

  1. Ubuntu Linux Is User Friendly

Many users think that Linux-based systems are difficult to use and were made for developers, which is very misconception. Ubuntu Linux works like Windows and even better than Windows, and it is straightforward to install. In fact, anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can install Ubuntu.

Over the years, Canonical (the Ubuntu manufacturer) has improved the Ubuntu desktop and polished the user interface. Surprisingly, some people find using Ubuntu easier than Windows and compare it to Windows.

2. Ubuntu Linux Is Free

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest reasons to use Ubuntu. We all have to buy a license to use Windows and pay a lot of money for it. While Ubuntu is free and you do not even have to pay a dollar to download and use it. You can download the Ubuntu ISO file from its own website without paying a single dollar and boot and install the ISO file in any way (CD, USB). Ubuntu is also used in educational, governmental, and even security organizations worldwide because it is free and reduces the cost of participating in it. It is an open-source system with relatively high security.

 3. Ubuntu Is Safe And Does Not Require Antivirus

It is a mistake to say that Ubuntu is 100% resistant to viruses and rootkits. However, compared to Windows, which must have antivirus for security, Ubuntu is less vulnerable to malware. It saves you money because you do not pay for the antivirus. By default, Ubuntu security is relatively high and has a firewall that protects you against viruses.

 4.Ubuntu Has High Customization

One of the advantages of Linux-based systems is that you have a lot of freedom to personalize your operating system. If you do not like anything, you can replace it and even customize each one. These features are naturally inherited by Ubuntu Linux and are great for daily use.

 5.Different Flavors Of Ubuntu

If you use Linux on Desktop, you probably know, there are many other Ubuntu-based distributions besides GNOME-based Ubuntu. If you want to try the sleek, modern KDE desktop, there is the Kubuntu distribution. There are also Lubuntu and Xubuntu distributions for older systems for low configuration. Ubuntu GNU and Ubuntu Mate are also two popular distributions with the Ubuntu base. Edubuntu distribution is also used in schools and educational institutions.

 6.Ubuntu Support Forums

Like other Linux distributions, Ubuntu has strong community support, which is a huge advantage for Ubuntu over other distributions. Share your issue with other people to solve your problems on many websites to enter with a simple search.

 7.Poor System Requirements

While both Lubuntu and Xubuntu distributions are designed for weak systems, the default Ubuntu Unity does not require strong hardware systems. The minimum hardware required is a 700MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 5GB hard drive.

 8.Has Free Software In The Software Center

If you use Linux as a Desktop, finding your favorite software on Ubuntu Linux is very simple. All you have to do is open the Ubuntu Software Center and access all the programs you need. By simply clicking the install button, the program will be installed for you.

You can also install these programs with a few simple command lines in the terminal. Many software such as GimpChromiumVLC, and Firefox is installed on Ubuntu for basic use.

 9.Improved Compatibility, Including Most Drivers

New versions of Ubuntu come with the latest Linux kernel. This allows them to run on a larger number of older hardware and newer systems with the latest chips. Ubuntu also has many pre-installed drivers, which saves time and provides faster setup.

 10.Ubuntu Is Open Source

Ubuntu is open source, and anyone can access the source code. The open-source nature of Linux makes it more secure because more experts from all over the world are working on its code, leaving no bugs in sight, unlike on Windows or other operating systems.


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