8 Mobile Types of Mobile App You Need to Install

App You Need to Install

It goes without saying that most of us have tons of apps installed on our phones, even though we do not use most of these apps on a day-to-day basis. Having said that, there are a few essential App You Need to Install are listed below.

  1. Drive:

This has become one of the most essential apps you use as it lets you access your files on various devices. You also need not store any files locally as all your data is stored securely on the cloud.

  1. Podcast App:

This type of app is becoming more famous as listening to content while traveling or jogging is easier than watching a video. As listening to music can get repetitive, people prefer podcast as it imparts knowledge and also helps them pass the time.

  1. Scanner App:

It is not easy to find a scanning machine to scan any document at any time. Having a scanner app will help you scan the content immediately and mail it to yourself. Many of these scanner apps are paid one that only allows you to save the file as jpg without adding a watermark. You can directly convert jpg to pdf online and save it on your device.

  1. Planner App:

Scheduling your day and planning your week is important, as it is essential to be organized. A good planner app can help you become maximum productive by helping you plan time.

  1. Social Media Apps:

Using social media platforms is inevitable in today’s age. Instead of using your mobile browser, download these apps to save time to log in every time.

  1. Music Player App:

Most of us cannot do without a music player app, as music is the medicine for our soul. There are various popular music player apps you can choose from based on your music preference.

  1. Night Mode App:

Several smartphones come with the night mode for phones where the screen brightness reduces, and a tint of yellow is added to the screen so that when it is dark, your eyes strain little while watching the screen. There are apps available that do a much better job, especially when you view your phone in a completely dark room.

  1. News & Weather App:

Reading a newspaper every morning is a great habit, but not many of us have that leisure time to do so. As we are busy with our days, a news app can always keep you updated with breaking news.

  1. Audio Recorder:

It is always helpful to record a quick voice note or to record a call and Screen Recorder to remember the information being shared on the call.

  1. Fitness App:

This is one app that is not mandatory, but you should still not skip it. Fitness apps help you track your weight, physical activity, and diet and motivate you to not stop your fitness regime.

The Bottom Line:

You will find thousands of apps on Play Store or the Apple Store. Over time, it gets easy to fill your phone with too many apps. Remember to periodically clean your phone and remove apps you have not used in the past month to easily access the App You Need to Install and really use it.



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