Where To Get Personalized Skin Care Products

Where To Get Personalized Skin Care Products

Personalized skin care products certainly have the appearance of a luxury product. They’re specifically formulated for a particular individual, delivered in the mail, and they can pack all of the components you need for a thorough skin care routine in as few as three bottles.

But the science behind many of these personalized skin care systems can vary wildly from one to another. Where can you get a personalized skin care system? Countless places online. Where should you get a personalized skin care system? That’s a more rarified category, but our money is on Proven skincare.

Even if the name is a little too on the nose, its pedigree, formulas, and methodology put it a step above the competition—or many steps, depending on the competition.

The Pedigree

Proven’s pedigree is Ivy League, though it involved an unlikely partnership of talents.

A data scientist with an interest in why her skin was why it was—along with a group of specialists in dermatology and related fields—took the big data in a field that was inundated with data and ran it through an artificial intelligence designed to parse the information in fundamentally interesting ways. And as is often most effective with A.I., this Skin Genome Project continues to absorb and translate information.

Currently, it draws from a composite of over 8 million testimonials, over 100,000 beauty product ingredients, and more than 4,000 studies to create a complex database of interrelated traits. On top of that, it adjusts to accommodate the UV level, humidity, and water hardness. That’s a tremendous amount of data to parse, but every new bit of information helps expand the understanding of our hair’s physiology significantly.

The Formulas

The database behind the Skin Genome Project has become a public asset in the form of Proven. This skincare company was formed by the data scientist who started the Skin Genome Project in the first place, but it’s taking the information gathered by the Skin Genome Project and using it to help people get their perfect, personalized skin care systems. What’s exciting is that each formula really is unique to you.

After completing a short five minute quiz on your type of skin, your results are matched to the database and compared to the information stored within. The end result is a hypothetically perfect formula of ingredients for your skin type, distributed among a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

As you might expect from a company backed by prominently dermatologists, each formula makes use of natural ingredients that are designed to really maximize one another’s potential, and the precision it can provide in nurturing and nourishing your skin is only going to increase as more information is brought into the database and the algorithms powering it learn more.

The Methodology

Efficiency is the name of the game with Proven, and that’s easy on both your schedule and your wallet. Since the combination of ideal ingredients is condensed into three simple skincare products, you can keep your routine simple and short.

And since you’re being delivered a formula directly created for your skin, you aren’t wasting your money on a product that will work okay but not quite as well as you’d like. Nor are you wasting money trying out a different array of skin care products in the hope of finding one that works for you. Proven isn’t the only name in town, but they’re clearly one of the most impressive.

At the very least, their quiz can offer a great way to learn more about your skin and adjust your habits to accommodate your particular sensitivities.



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