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Are you confused about home decor and not sure how to style your interior? Do you want to maintain a chic home while ensuring your space’s safety is not compromised? Perhaps you have kids and want to childproof your home without sacrificing the design elements you have chosen.

We all know the statistic about most accidents happening in the home (54% to be precise). This statistic doesn’t have to be scary when you know how to mitigate the risks your home may pose. We’ve searched the web, so you don’t have to, for the best ways to keep your home safe and stylish all at once.

Chic Home Design When You Have Kids

Having kids is no doubt the toughest job you’ll ever have. So what can you do to ensure your home is safe for them but isn’t taken over by them?

1. Get Rid of Sharp Edges

Tables with sharp corners at the child’s eye level are a no go. Buy a round coffee table and ensure your desk is in a room that your child cannot access. Try to avoid glass tables and use rubber stoppers on kitchen cupboards so they cannot open them.

2. Kid-proof Your Soft Furnishings

White furniture is not the best idea when you have kids. If your furniture is white, then a chic way to protect it is with some washable colored sheets or throws. Choose patterns that brighten up your space (spills are also less obvious on patterns) and put them on the sofa or chairs. Use cushions that complement the covering on the sofa for a cozy and stylish finish.

3. Put Things Out of Reach

This is obvious, but things that can be grabbed or broken by children should be put out of reach. A stylish way to keep things you need out of reach from little hands is to use baskets that hang from the wall at adult height. You could also use cute shelving, which is higher up and not accessible by kids who may like climbing!

4. Check Furniture is Secured

Furniture can pose a risk to curious children exploring their surroundings. You want to make sure furniture is either attached to the floor or the wall, and there is no way for the kids to pull it over and potentially injure themselves.

Soft furnishings such as bean bags or upholstered seats are great for making a space look chic. They are also very child friendly! Cushions and blankets are another fantastic way to add some personal style to a room while keeping it cozy and safe.

5. Stylish Storage

You can use smart storage to store things that belong to your child that you don’t want to have on display permanently. Use baskets or boxes which fit neatly into a storage unit. Cover them with cute fabrics that fit the style of your room.

Another idea is to use storage, which doubles up as seating, a hollow stool, or a stylish built-in bench along the wall with storage underneath.

Just because you have a load of toys in your house now doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style!

Discreetly Keeping the Family Safe in your Chic Home

Having a gun at home is another way families can ensure they feel safe in their home. However, securing the gun from your family is an integral part of having it in the house. Gun safety should be taken seriously, and the only way to ensure this is with a sturdy, high-quality, and tamper-proof gun safe.

There are many discreet safes on the market designed to be both secure and inconspicuous. The best options are those you can hide in your closet and secure to the wall. (Cialis) Some safes are even designed to look like a regular item in your home, such as a wooden cupboard or coat rack.

If you are unsure where to look for a gun safe to fit your criteria, check some of these detailed reviews with the pros and cons of the best gun safe available.

Unobtrusive Alarm Systems

Another way to ensure the protection of your home is with an alarm system. Having an alarm system in your home doesn’t have to be an eyesore. You don’t want it to be the first thing a guest notices when they walk in the door.

There are plenty of discreet, chic alarm systems on the market these days, which you can have installed in your home. Thanks to technology, many alarm systems are now wireless, which means you won’t need a tangle of wires cluttering up your space. Wireless sensors and cameras are just as effective, and all security providers offer this option.

Not only is it simple to install a modern security system without any drilling or wires, but also to control the system from anywhere. Many home security systems will offer you the opportunity to view cameras from an app on your phone. This can give you peace of mind when you are not at home.

Being Safe Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Chic Home Style.

A chic home takes a long time to curate, from the items you source to the painstaking hours spend designing and decorating. Your home is part of you; the personal touches you and your family add are the things that make a house a home. You don’t want all that hard work to be undermined if you aren’t thinking about your home’s security.

Consider which type of security measures suit your family best. This could depend on the area you live in or the type of home you have. Check some reviews on safes and security systems to determine what will fit in best with both your style and needs.


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