Trendiest Rave Clothing of 2021

Rave Clothing of 2021

If you’re a raver at heart, you probably were heartbroken when your favorite festival got canceled last year. For those of us who live for live music, 2020 kinda really sucked. But raves are NOT canceled for 2021, rather just moved around to be COVID-safe and socially distanced. So now that we’re gearing up for the great return of the rave 2021, let’s take a look at this year’s hottest rave Clothing of 2021.

Mesh is the Move

In case you haven’t heard, mesh is a mood right now. There are all sorts of colors you can buy mesh pieces in, but some of the hottest ones right now are purples, all different shades of blue and teal, pink, and of course, as always, black. This versatile material also comes in some edgier prints ranging from flame patterns to lightning bolts. 

You can buy a long sleeve, tight-fitting mesh crop top to layer over your favorite cross or heart-shaped pasties, pair that with a coordinated mesh miniskirt over some booty shorts or even a thong if you’re feeling adventurous, and voila! You’re ready to party. Or, for a more flowy look, layer a cute bikini under an oversized mesh t-shirt or loose mesh dress, Recycled T-Shirts for women. 


Underboob cutouts, to be more specific. All of the sexiest crop tops and bralettes of the year feature a little peek of underboob. The styles that incorporate this trend range from holographic camisole style crop tops with a cutout at the bottom, to wrap around styles, to triangle cage bralettes. Take it up a notch by matching this style with a mesh top.

Reflective Pieces

In the past few years, technology has given fashion of Rave Clothing of 2021 some suuuper reflective fabrics. If you’ve ever seen these extra reflective jackets or pants, they’ve probably made you do a double-take because they’re like seriously almost dizzying. This year, the top designers for Rave Clothing of 2021 are using this stuff in multiple forms of clothing. You can get mesh pieces with small patches of reflective fabric attached, baggy joggers, even leg wraps made out of this stuff. Plus, you get the added bonus of being easily spotted even in the dark, so if you have a tendency to wander, your friends won’t lose you.

All Things Hologram

If you’ve been to a rave, there’s about a 10000% chance you’ve seen someone wearing something holographic in the audience. And this year is obviously no exception. Why would we ever leave her? She’s shiny, she’s colorful but not, like, too colorful if that’s not your thing, she moves with the light, we love her. And luckily, due to her popular girl status, this star rave staple is available in everything you could imagine, from bodysuits to platforms, to leg wraps, even masks (so you can stay safe while you party your heart out.)

Trippy Prints

Okay, if we’re being honest here when are trippy prints not what we’re digging on for Rave Clothing of 2021? Tie-dye, for one, has been a thing for, like, ever. But this year, trippy, colorful prints are even more powerful than ever. Funky patterns ranging from something that looks like those pour paint art things that everyone seems to be doing (you know the ones!) to ones that look like something you would see in a real visual hallucination are here and kickin’ this year.

Try Mixing and Matching

The best thing about the  Rave Clothing of 2021 is that they’re all pretty mix-and-matchable. And since we had to take last year off from our beloved rave scene, it’s only right that we go even harder this year with these dope new trends.


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