Factors That Affect Pool Water Colour

Pool Water Colour

The pool isn’t just perfect for beating the summer heat. It’s an integral part of your home accessories, that can make or break its overall ambiance. Part of the appeal is in the Pool Water Colour.

Choosing a shade that enhances the wow factor might be top on your mind. But it’s not just the paint that determines how your pool will look. That’s why you have to consider how every other factor blends to create your perfect pool.

Here are some of the factors affecting water pool colour.

Background Colour Palette

The most important factor is the dye used in the pool’s finish or the pool liner. If the background is green or a shade of brown, the water will appear green. On a white, black, blue or grey finish, the water will look blue.

Therefore, it’s essential to determine the colour you want to see beforehand. It may be useful to consult with pool design experts to help you choose the best background colour for the look you want.

Pool Depth

The deeper the pool, the darker the colour will be. You will notice that the shade of blue or green that you choose looks much darker on the deep end of the pool as compared to the shallow end.


The Pool Water Colour will look brighter on a hot summer day than when it’s cloudy. If the pool is shaded between building or trees, it’s going to look darker. So, you should consider the shading when you choose a location for your pool.

If you’re going for a glowing summer look, you may want to position the pool in a non-shaded area.

Features Around the Pool

The pool will accentuate the colours of its surroundings. Pool plants, the paving, chairs, or anything else in the vicinity will be reflected in the pool.  If the plan is for a traditional blue look, consider plain paving and clear surroundings.

Water Stagnancy

A moving water feature like a waterfall, will make the shade of the water vary with movement. With that in mind, a water fountain will be an excellent addition to your pool to create a vivid colour shifting look.

Water Dyes

Once you decide on the background colour, you can’t take it back. However, when you feel the need for a change, you can opt for a water dye. It’s a fast and cost-effective solution. Go from blue to green then blue again – it’s all part of the summer fun.


Apart from the sun’s natural lighting, you can create a shimmering look in your pool with artificial light. With led bulbs for the pool, you can change the water into any colour you want.

The Water

When the pool has algae or hasn’t been treated in a while, it darkens. That’s why you should make an effort to maintain your cleaning and treating schedule. Otherwise, the pool will look dull and uninviting.

Bottomline, consult with a pool expert to help you find the perfect interplay between the background colour and your surroundings.


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