Get Natural Relaxation Using Nirvana CBD Oil Roll-On

Nirvana CBD

Are you looking for a product to relieve your body pain? Then, you are at the best place. The Nirvana CBD Oil Roll on has been one of the best products to relieve pain. It is highly on-demand, and many sought out to get hemp oil for pain to help with pain management.

The oil is derived from a compound called cannabidiol (CBD). It is a topical product that contains cannabinoid-rich hemp extract. The oil is extracted from industrial hemp instead of the marijuana strain. Industrial hemp is characterized as safe when compared to the other as it has psychoactive effects due to the presence of another type of cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Hence, the extraction of the oil from the hemp needs isolation of CBD from THC to ensure that the final product is not psychoactive.

Product Sizes

You find the Nirvana CBD in two different sizes, 150 ml, and 30 ml bottle. Both these sizes are available in the market, with a net weight of 89.6 g. Hence, you will not find it difficult to purchase whenever required.


The Nirvana CBD oil roll on is made up of Phytocannabinoid – Rich Hemp Oil (0.0 % THC) along with Sweet almond oil, vitamin e oil, ylang-ylang oil – complete, lavender oil – organic, chamomile – roman organic, frankincense oil, and geranium oil.

Directions to Use

The application of the product is extremely easy. The oil can work on a simple pain to some serious health issues without any hassle.

The product works miraculously even if you are suffering from shoulder, on your back, legs, or arms pains. You can only experience pain relief and not a cooling sensation on your skin as the product does not contain ingredients like menthol or arnica. The Nirvana CBD Oil should always be used after taking a shower. The Roller is very important, as it is used to spread the oil in all parts of the body and enable it to get soaked up into the body.

The directions to use the product are as follows:

  1. Remember that before using the product, you need to shake it well. Apply it to the targeted area a couple of times a day as required after the application allows you to absorb the oil in your skin. Simply massage the area gently for better results.
  2. Make sure your skin is clean before applying the oil.
  3. The oil is intended to be applied after bathing.


While applying the product onto your skin, make sure to be attentive. Do not use the oil on your broken or sensitive skin. Moreover, you must keep them away from open or infected wounds. Avoid contact with face and eyes. The most important is not to use the product during pregnancy or lactation. If you are into medical conditions or take pharmaceutical drugs, you must consult with a physician before using the oil roll-on to avoid other complications before the usage.

Recommended Storage

Make sure to store the product in a cool and dry place away from heat, light, or even humidity. Moreover, ensure to keep the product away from children.

Why Choose Nirvana CBD Oil Roll-On?

Using the oil, you don’t need to apply it like a lotion or gel. Instead, the built-in roller ball helps to administer the oil as you run it along your skin. Hence, the application of the product is not only innovative but also effective and perfect for those who do not like to apply using hands. The oil is also enriched with Vitamin E, which helps to reduce inflammation, and an essential oil like ylang-ylang oil and lavender oil give the roll-on a sweet, floral scent.

Every Nirvana CBD Oil case is mixed with 25 mg of broad-spectrum, THC free, CBD hemp extract. The Nirvana CBD Oil is the best, even for traveling as well. The small packaging of the product makes it ideal for carrying anywhere. Unlike other capsules, the Nirvana CBD oil cases are jam pressed with 750 mg of THC free, broad-spectrum hemp extricate. Each bottle of Nirvana CBD Oil cases incorporates 30 cases, which means each contains a powerful portion of 25 mg per container.


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