How to Pack Sensibly When You Rent a Noosa Beachfront Property

How to Pack Sensibly When You Rent a Noosa Beachfront Property

Clicking the “Book Now” button while renting beachfront holiday accommodation is the best feeling ever. You can hear the waves and feel sand under your feet. While you know it is only a matter of time before you can soak it all in, the biggest dilemma is what you are taking with you!

Now that you have the rental and reservation done, a great way to figure out what to carry is by reading the list of amenities the property has. Use the list to cross-reference with what is in this guide. Keep in mind that this guide assumes that the holiday accommodation Peregian Beach property comes with the basic kitchen items—double-check.

What to carry

At the top of the list, you want to carry food. Create a plan for what you would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some easy beachfront house meals that can feed a crowd include lasagne trays, rotisserie chickens, and even big pots of chilli.

When shopping for your holiday accommodation Peregian Beach stay, remember to include things like fruits, snacks, and baby food for your kids. Carry a bottle opener or screws to open items such as sodas, beer, and wine.

Paper products to carry include paper towels, toilet paper, plastic dishes (you do not want to do dishes during the vacation!), and garbage bags. Also, bring along hand soaps for each bathroom, beach bags, games, a gaming console, toys for the younger kids, and even a Fire Stick.

Things you may carry

Some items are usually available at beachfront holiday accommodation properties, so inquire to be sure. It would be annoying to carry beach towels and tools to find them already there. Some of what you may carry along with you include:

  • Beach and pool towels
  • Beach toys for the kids and young-at-heart adults
  • Beach chairs

Things you should not carry

What to carry with you for your beach vacation is as important as what not to bring along with you. However, ask your hosts just to be sure.

These items include:

  • Wi-Fi—Most holiday vacation properties have Wi-Fi already installed if it is not available, move on to the next option.
  • Linens—These also come with many quality properties
  • Play and pack high chairs—Holiday accommodation Peregian Beach houses that cater to families often have the chairs available.
  • Cleaning supplies—You can carry a few wipes. However, the entire house should be cleaned professionally before you get in and will be cleaned after checking out.
  • Too many vehicles—Finding a parking spot in a beach town is notoriously hard. Only come with cars that will fit in the property’s designated parking areas.
  • Too many clothes—A beachfront rental house lets you do your own laundry, so do not over pack or you will spend a big share of your vacation on laundry!

Remember to carry your sunscreen, that beautiful beach hat and a read-worthy book for time spent on the beach. Once you are packed, you can sit back and enjoy the vacation.

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