Everything you Need to Know About Thermal Imaging in Australia

Thermal Imaging in Australia

Thermal Imaging in Australia is a revolutionary technology that ensures properties with electrical switchboards are kept safe. It’s a preventative measure that can detect any faults in wiring and cords. Early detection of any overloading areas or overheating components allow property owners to take the necessary preventative measures and maintenance. 

Let’s look at this service a bit closer.

What is Thermal Imaging? 

Thermal imaging is a test that should be done at least once a year. The process is also known as thermography and it uses a specialized infrared device to detect high temperatures. Hot components within electrical board cover plates, mechanical switchboards, or electrical switchboards can be detected with this technology.  

A thermal imaging camera is used to detect hot temperatures hosted in switchboard components. It uses an infrared technology to identify the transmission of energy. When there is a high volume of energy being transmitted from wires and cords, the camera picks it up and displays a monochrome or multi-colored report on the device’s screen. 

So, basically – thermal imaging is a technique used to transform heat, detected in a component, into a visible light. When heat sources and levels are seen a variety of different electrical problems can be detected.

High temperatures can’t be seen by the naked eye and therefore many hazardous situations within switchboards go unnoticed. It is impossible for a property owner to see whether wires within isolation inside a metal box is overheating. That is why Thermal Imaging in Australia is so important for early detection. Learn more about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDGvMu8bCG8

The service will implement the following tasks: 

  • Checking for any faulty wiring
  • Early detection of overheating and overloading to prevent explosions and fires
  • Identify irregularities in loading
  • Identify failures within components, cords, or wires
  • Checking for the durability, functionality, and integrity of components
  • Regulating loading conditions to different electrical appliances and equipment
  • Recommending maintenance and prevention methods

Who Should Use the Service? 

Any property who has a switchboard can benefit from this service. It is highly recommended that companies with large scale switchboards use thermal imaging to secure safety of its employees and the property itself. 

Because the switchboard is the area where all electricity is distributed from, it is a hub filled with risks and hazards. Any property that has a large switchboard with many cables should invest in thermal imaging. Especially companies who runs on many electrical equipment and appliances. 

When employees use high voltage equipment or loads of electrical appliances in the office, then it’s best you get the switchboard tested on a regular basis. 

Benefits of Using Thermal Imaging 

Properties can highly benefit from using this service in the following ways: 

Save Money

Results of faulty wiring can cause irreversible damage that is extremely expensive to fix. Before serious faults can turn into flames and accidents, they can be detected with thermal imaging. When electrical faults are detected beforehand, property owners have the opportunity to take maintenance measures. You’ll be paying a low fee for a technician to test your equipment and give you a report. Which is much more affordable than having to deal with bills from replacing an entire room and all its content. 

Furthermore, this process helps to identify the exact area where the problem might occur in the future. This eliminates a process where an electrician has to do tests on the entire system. Instead, they can only focus on the problem area detected through thermography. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies require most properties to follow certain rules and regulations. When companies don’t comply to these standards, they will pay higher premiums. Especially properties who have a large number of electrical equipment or appliances running from one switchboard. 

According to Australian safety rules and regulations, large properties are required to undergo thermography at least once a year. Having your service provider set up a future time schedule for testing is important to secure the electrical safety of your company’s future. 

Insurance providers will notably reduce premiums when all of these safety regulations are met.

Early Detection

The infrared camera gives the technician insight on any inconsistent thermal pattern or drastic changes in temperatures. This gives them the tools to detect any areas that might be problematic in the future. Predicting what might occur in the future by looking at the thermal reading is a great tool to implement preventative maintenance. 

Early detection helps to reduce the risk of fires and it ensures that the client can put a decent maintenance plan and schedule in place. Read this article to learn more about different types of electrical faults. 


The number one benefit of investing in thermography is safety. Not only of the people living and working in the property, but also the safety of all assets linked to the property. When fires occur because of faulty wiring, it can cause a lot of damage. 

In many past incidents, businesses had to completely shut down because of fires erupting from the switchboard box. Losing important documentation, information, furniture, and all other assets is damaging to the company’s standing. 

Furthermore, some insurance companies do not pay out a full percentage mainly because the property didn’t follow precaution methods. Not only will thermography detect any problems, but it will also ensure that you stay inline with your insurance policy. In case of a fatal accident, the insurance company will be able to pay out a higher percentage since you did follow suit. 

Hiring a thermal imaging service in Australia won’t disturb your business’ operational times. The great thing about it, is that technicians can do all testing procedures on the switchboard without it having to be switched off. This means that all operations and the use of electrical equipment can go on as usual without interruptions. 

Because this is such a non-invasive service, many properties and businesses are signing up for a regular thermography schedule. When it comes to safety, you can never be too sure – phone your thermal imaging service today.


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