First Timers Special: 8 Ways To Have The Best Floor Scrubbing Experience

Floor Scrubbing Experience

Remember the Cinderella story that included a long struggle with floor scrubbing for the protagonist? Just like Cinderella, many of us loathe the idea of floor scrubbing on any day and wish for a magic wand to make the dirt magically disappear and never come back!  In the real world however, that’s impossible. But there are many amazing tricks that can improve your experience of this mundane but significant task. Yes, you can have beautiful and clean floors without having to drain-up all your energy.

Of course, you rely on floor scrubbers because they make your life easier, but before getting to the task, there is some pre-preparation that you need to do. With further ado, let’s reveal the secrets behind an amazing floor scrubbing experience.

1) Understand your floor

Imagine yourself being hungry for pasta, but all that’s available is rice and gravy! That’s precisely what happens when you don’t understand your floor. There are different types of floors like wooden floors, marble floors, granite floors, and others. All of them have different cleaning requirements and thus, different kinds of floor scrubbers. So choose your scrubber wisely.

2) Start with a sweep

When you are in doubt, a broom is always the answer! Whatever type of flooring you have, you need to begin with the process of sweeping. An effective way of sweeping is to begin with a regular mop or broom and then slowly move forward. The little or big specks of dust and dirt particles can be the biggest hurdle and obstacle when it comes to floor scrubbing and it’s best to broom-them-away!

3) Pick up a decent cleaning agent

Most cleaning agents claim to be a one-stop solution for all your cleaning woes. Well, that’s not true. Each type of flooring requires a cleaning agent with a specific pH value. For example, if you have bamboo flooring then you would require a product with a neutral pH to maintain its natural shine. Always make sure the cleaning agent suits the requirement of your floor type before buying.

4) Fighting the stains

The biggest problem a person faces with floor scrubbing is stains. Instead of trying to wipe out the stains while scrubbing the floor, you can try to tackle them individually. For deeper stains, you can try using a baking soda and water mix from the kitchen. To prepare this mix, take the baking soda and water in equal amounts and put them in a spray bottle. Apply that to those tough stains and wipe them off.

5) Pet hair, go away

If you are a pet owner, you need to take extra care of your flooring as most pets shed hair. Luckily, if you have carpets then a steam carpet cleaner is ideal to clean pet hair. These hair strands can ruin the look of your flooring. So, take a vacuum cleaner and remove them from the surface. It will make the scrubbing process easier.

6) Twice is the way to to

Often, simply scrubbing the floor once is not enough, especially if you have tile flooring or a hardwood floor, a case with most homes. A tile and grout cleaner will give you the shine that you are looking for, that too on a minimum budget! It might seem like a bit much at the beginning but it’s worth it as it will bring back the shine of your floor.

7) Focus on all your tile edges

The most important part of the floor scrubbing process is making sure you get the edges right and perfectly. The corners can make or break your results!


It might seem like a tiring job to clean your floors perfectly, especially if you usually stay busy. However, there’s nothing like walking across the room on a clean, polished floor. hence , it is necessary to take care of the type of flooring you have, as each one requires a different product, method, and layer of cleaning.

Hopefully, our tips and tricks are good for all your floors! Be careful while picking up a scrubber machine of your choice the next time, as you need to pick the one with the right pH value. Happy cleaning days ahead!


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