4 Gifts for Seniors They Really Need (Even If They Don’t Know It)


When you’re searching for gifts for someone, there’s nothing more frustrating than the dreaded phrase, “Thanks, but I have everything I need.” It’s especially frustrating when that person is an older adult who really does seem to have everything they need!

But finding the perfect gifts for seniors is much easier when you consider their current needs. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most thoughtful gifts your loved one needs—even if they don’t know it themselves!

1. A Big-Button Universal TV Remote Control

Today’s digital systems are getting more and more complex, especially with the availability of multiple inputs for additional devices.

For many seniors, however, this complexity is more of a burden than a blessing. The senior gift of a simplified remote means less time fumbling around to search for the right tiny button, and more time watching their favorite shows.

2. A Warming Device

As we get older, even the healthiest of us tend to get colder as well.

Though older adults may not think of warming pads themselves, they’re a great way to keep the chill at bay.

Depending on the senior’s needs when buying presents, you may want to opt for a smaller, microwavable pad they can use at their convenience and place wherever they like. You may also want to consider electric heating pads for the neck or back, which is also practical for those with aching joints and muscles. And for a senior who’s always cold at night, an electric blanket may be just the thing they need!

3. A Faucet Extender

This option may seem like an overly practical gift idea for senior citizens, but your senior—and their back—will thank you for it! Like other thoughtful gifts for seniors, this option may be a surprising help for the recipient.

As the name suggests, faucet extenders are designed to make it easier to reach the water from a tap, whether the senior is washing their hands or doing the dishes. This in turn means there’s no need to bend over the sink, which can strain the muscles of the back. For the many seniors who experience chronic back pain, this gift can be priceless.

4. Additional Lighting

People in their 60s need three times more light to see than they did in their 20s. From reading to getting around the house in the evening, additional lighting is key to making seniors feel comfortable in their own space.

The need for more light creeps up so gradually that many seniors don’t recognize how lighting affects their life—so the gift of extra lighting can make a big difference! When gift-giving, consider opting for task-focused lighting like a clip-on reading light or opt for motion-sensing night-lights to help them get around at night.

Surprise Your Loved One With These Gifts for Seniors

When your loved one really does seem to have everything, these thoughtful gifts for seniors can be a great way to provide some practical help—even if they don’t know they need it! Any of these options would be a great gift for the elderly, so consider your loved one’s needs before settling on the perfect option.

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