Building Vs. Buying a Home: How to Make Your Decision


Once you and your family decide it’s time to move into a new home, you have two primary choices. You can either buy an existing home or build one from the ground up. Each choice has it’s advantages, so how do you choose?

We’re here to provide a little guidance. We can’t make the choice for you, but we can walk you through the benefits of each option. Keep reading for a quick guide on building vs buying a home.


Building a home means spending a little more time between now and when you and your family actually get to move into the house. In most cases, it also means spending a little bit more money. However, if you can afford the time and the costs, there are extraordinary benefits of building a new home vs buying an old one.

No Previous Owners

First, you never have to worry about the previous owners. If you buy an existing house, you know other people have never:

  • Used the bathrooms
  • Walked around barefoot
  • Damaged parts of the home
  • Had good and bad experiences in the home
  • Have died in the home

Even if you can get past all that stuff, you will feel way more comfortable knowing you and your family are the only people who have lived in the house.


Building a house vs buying also means you can design your home exactly as you want it. You can customize everything from the size of the home and the number of rooms to the color scheme and where individual outlets are placed. This is perfect if you’re individualistic and prefer things a certain way.

Home Warranties

Finally, brand new homes come with warranties from the home builders. If any of your major appliances have issues, you can contact the builders for a free repair or replacement. Just as importantly, home warranties cover the structural integrity of the house.


Now that we’ve covered the advantages of building vs buying a home, let’s talk about the other option. Buying a pre-existing home is a far more common choice. But why do so many people go this route?

Lower Costs

You may plan on buying vs building your first home because, in most cases, it’s much more affordable. Like new cars, you have to pay for the luxury of owning a brand new home. Many people prefer not to spend more money than they need to, especially when they can find lovely existing homes with everything they need for a lower price.


As noted above, building vs buying a home also means waiting for an entire house to be built. This usually takes about seven months. However, any number of things can delay the process, such as:

  • Property issues
  • Inclement weather
  • Design changes
  • Financial emergencies
  • And any other unforeseen issue

If you want to get you and your family into a new house sooner rather than later, choosing an existing home is your best bet.


Finally, shopping for an existing home is far easier and more convenient than building one from scratch. You’ll have countless options, depending on your criteria, and can walk-through potential homes to see how you feel once inside of them. Think of it like trying on clothes before buying them.

Can’t Decide Between Building Vs Buying a Home?

Are you still having trouble choosing between building vs buying a home? Take a look at some of our other articles before you go for more information and advice. Our blog is all about helping homeowners like you making good decisions, from design and renovation to building and buying.


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