10 Storage Tricks That Will Help You Get the Most Out of a Small Kitchen Space

with a small kitchen space

If you are struggling with a small kitchen space, there has likely been a lot of stress regarding the organization. It can be frustrating to think about how to make the most of the kitchen especially when you don’t have a lot to work with. Thankfully, there are plenty of useful options for anyone in this situation.

Check Out Storage Racks

If you think about it, you are likely only using half of the height in a cupboard. It makes sense to use a storage rack to go above the plates. This is a great resource to add another set of plates or any other dish. You don’t need to add another shelf, instead invest in a storage rack.

Clear Out the Pantry

Now is the time to get started with organizing the pantry. Get rid of things that are expired and make sure everything is organized and easy to find. If needed, invest in clear containers. This is a great resource to keep things fresh and also help you to know where everything is located.

Utilize the Small Area Between the Refrigerator and the Wall

You likely have about five inches between the refrigerator and the wall. If this is the case, put this space to good use and use it as a place to store a sliding shelf for canned goods. This will leave you more cupboard space which is always useful.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Get in touch with a small kitchen space  kitchen remodeling companies. Learn more about what can be done to transform this space into something a little more useful. You may think about adding additional cupboards, removing an island from the middle of the kitchen, or so much more.

The Inside of Cabinet Doors are Very Useful

Think about the inside of your cabinet doors, this would be the perfect place to store items such as aluminum foil, measuring cups or things of this nature.

A Tilted Drawer is Very Practical

Think about a tilted drawer underneath the kitchen sink. Basically, this is a hiding spot for a sponge or scrubbers. They are easily out of sight out of mind.

A Folding Table is Useful

Consider a folding table that can be folded up when needed and hanging on the wall when it is not in use. This is very practical and very convenient. Talk to a contractor to learn more.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

Look at it as a place to hang extra pots and pans. This is also helpful for hanging cooking utensils. Get these things out of the drawers and up on hooks.

Shelving is Always Ideal

Of course, every kitchen needs some decorations. Consider putting them on shelves. The kitchen is going to look great.

A Shelf Above the Sink

The last thing you want to think about is a shelf up above the kitchen sink. This will help clear the clutter that comes from storing the dish soap as well as a sponge and a sink plug.

With a little creativity, a small kitchen space can be very useful. You don’t always have to have extra clutter even when there’s not a lot of space to work with. Do what you can to get things organized and then consider contacting a home remodeling contractor for any final suggestions. Everyone should have a useful kitchen where they can have the basic necessities in a tidy manner.


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