AWS Cloud Architect Vs. Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud and AWS
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Cloud services are continually being used by businesses to lead more and more people to shift their current IT role into something relevant to the cloud. The problem is that most people have just that much time to explore new technology after the job, and you can master many cloud services. If you want to rely on two of the leading providers of cloud platforms (Azure Cloud and AWS Cloud Architect), it is not an easy decision.

Let’s check which path to decide for brighter career development in this article.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an on-demand supply of IT services, including servers, databases, and internet storage with pay-as-you-go pricing. The real advantage of cloud computing technology is that companies can eliminate the upfront expense and difficulty of owning their own IT infrastructure and managing it because they can pay for just the amount of service they use. 

Top factors to know for choosing AWS Cloud Architect 

The second most famous tech job in 2020 is expected to be cloud architects. This position designs and develops advanced cloud-based solutions for organizations that move their current workloads and infrastructures to the AWS cloud.

  • Responsibilities: AWS Cloud Architect is responsible for computer system development and integration and knowledge to meet specific needs. They typically enable the integration of software and hardware for the purposes specified by customers. One of their duties is to analyze existing systems/structures and architecture. They collaborate with technical and corporate personnel to suggest more productive systems solutions.
  • Skills:
  • A successful AWS architect should enter code in Java, Python, C#, or any language with an official AWS SDK.
  • DNS, HTTP, TCP/IP, CDN, and VPN are just a couple of words that you would like to get to know.
  • Each architect must know how or when to use databases and understand them. In AWS, you must know when to use each of several data storage methods.
  • You must also study Identity and Access Management (IAM) services that allow you to identify the benefits and users with access to those tools.
  • Practical cloud architects should be aware of the resources available to them and be mindful of the organizational resources.
  • You will need to learn how to express your concepts by e-mails, documents, and presentations to show your staff that your solution is the most suitable.
  • Salary: The AWS Cloud Architect would not be a bad option if you considered the AWS platform already and planning to consider which certifications you need to start. According to a survey conducted on the ten most paid IT certifications, the AWS Cloud Architect provides the 4th highest annual pay on its list. The average salary for AWS cloud architects, especially, is over $153,000, with a range between $89,000 and $210,000.
  • Certification benefits: Because of additional marketability due to the apparent number of businesses using the platform, AWS cloud architect certification has extra weight. Whether you are learning about a few AWS services or selecting a particular focus area, training for a certification test for AWS Cloud Architect is useful for storing your skills and using the learning opportunities to take you to the next stage.

Top factors to know for choosing Azure cloud architect

Microsoft Azure quickly changed the flow. Microsoft renewed its cloud offering immediately and added support for different programming languages and operating systems. They made their operations scalable and Linux peaceful. The Head of the world’s leading cloud provider today is Microsoft Azure.

  • Responsibilities: The Cloud Architect or Azure Architect or Azure Solutions Architect develops Microsoft Azure Cloud-based solutions. A typical Azure Architect is a senior engineer with a minimum of ten years of experience in developing and managing software solutions. An architect understands each step of the life cycle, team responsibilities, and management and thorough technical execution of a software project. The cloud architect also knows virtualization, storage, security, budget and planning, identity, networking, backup and recovery, processing, data management, budgeting and planning, and information analysis and administration.  
  • Skills:
  • Leadership skills will inspire and reassure others.
  • Excellent technical architecture skills, allowing the production of comprehensive, future-proof solutions.
  • They should develop an understanding of the corporate structure to encourage collaborating with teams outside of the specific tech staff.
  • IT methodologies and life cycle skills and experience to be employed.
  • Familiar with implementation/management solutions, management of services/operations.
  • They should maintain a strong understanding of and future use of current and emerging technologies for services and products.
  • Salary: One of the most common IT jobs is Azure Cloud Architect. Their salaries are expected to increase this year by 88%. Their average salary is US$ 155,000 annually. A 5-9 year-long mid-career cloud solutions architect receives an estimated total payment of €915,628 based on 15 pay-scales. With an experience of 10 -19 years, a Cloud Solutions Architect receives an estimated amount of 2,187,717 INR, based on 53 payouts.
  • Certification benefits: More than 55% of Fortune 500 companies follow Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Azure certification improves the opportunity to hire applicants in one of these companies. When you are Microsoft Azure certified, you can choose from a career in the administration, development, and deployment of cloud services in various sectors, such as finance, health care, banking, government, and insurance. In combination with Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), Microsoft Azure helps to achieve enhanced security offerings. It guarantees the maximum safety and security of host devices and applications in Microsoft Azure.

Wrapping words

Merely choosing the certification with the guarantee of the highest average pay can seem reasonable. Your situation could also point you to a specific track of certification. It is not just a possible thing to obtain certification within and across cloud platforms, but it is also necessary to advance your cloud computing career. Microsoft Azure Cloud and AWS are considered to be adaptable, practical, and faithful. After you know the current Azure Cloud and AWS can help your career, are you sure why it can be your most advanced asset in the business world?


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