Must Have Supplies for Any Event Manager to Have on Hand

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Only a special breed of people are cut out to be an event manager. They must have exceptional organizational skills, people skills, a certain amount of diplomacy, creativity, and be able to work well under tremendous pressure. 

If anything goes awry at an event, the responsibility is often attributed to the event manager, no matter the mishap. This means they also have to have tough skin. And if all else fails, an event manager should always arrive armed and ready on the day of the event with a fully stocked supply kit — because you never know when it could be needed. 

To learn more about what should be included in this fail-proof supply kit, check out the rest of this blog for more. 

A Guide to the Ultimate Event Manager Supply Kit 

When planning an event, it’s important to keep two main objectives in mind. You want your guests to be able to relax and have fun. ( In short, they shouldn’t have to worry about a single thing on the day of the event. 

In order to create this type of atmosphere, an event manager has to stay on top of every small and large detail. Even if it means brainstorming last-minute wedding cake ideas when disaster strikes, or physically replacing a lightbulb when it’s needed.

This is where an event manager’s kit can save the day. Here’s what to include: 

1. Basic Craft Essentials 

An event manager’s kit should include all your basic crafty must-haves. These items can come in super handy when last-minute details go awry. And any event manager knows that the true success of an event lies in the detail! 

Your craft essentials kit should comprise these items: 

  • Hard paper, extra pens, and scissors 
  • A selection of tape, including clear, painter’s, duct, and electric tape 
  • A selection of batteries and their different sizes 
  • A few clipboards
  • A few pairs of walkie talkies 
  • Name tags and labels 
  • An assortment of electrical chargers 
  • A mini sewing kit 

When party décor malfunctions, any of these items could save the day. You may need to keep tablecloths in place on a windy day. Or tape down electrical wiring to avoid tripping hazards, etc. These essentials are always most useful in a pinch

2. An Extension Cord 

Yes, the back of a party planner’s car may look like any other handyman’s, but an extension cord should always be part of your event kit. A back-up extension cord could be extremely useful in any number of situations — whether your event is being held indoors or outdoors. It can be used to supply light, sound, or power to a bride’s hair drying station! 

Make sure to clearly label your own extension cord so it doesn’t get packed away with the others. 

3. A Miniature Tool Box 

In the lead up to an event, and even on the day itself, accidents are likely to happen. As people rush around to get things done, a mini toolbox of your own could be very useful, too. 

You never know when you may need a screwdriver, a hammer, some zip ties, or nails for a simple repair job. 

4. A Bluetooth Speaker 

You can use a Bluetooth speaker to create a good vibe and ambiance as your set up the event. Good music is always a good way to put a pep in everyone’s step. But more so than this, a Bluetooth speaker can also come in very handy should technical sound difficulties crop up. 

If you’re stuck without a working set of speakers, or a lack of music, simply use your Bluetooth speaker and a good Spotify playlist from your cellphone. No one has to know the difference.

5. A Folding Dolly Cart 

Setting up an event can be physically demanding, especially if you’re having to cart boxes of event essentials to and from a venue. This is where a portable dolly cart can really help alleviate the heavy lifting. 

Most event spaces may supply dolly carts of their own, but you never know when an additional one could help speed up the event set up process. Make sure your dolly cart is foldable so that it fits in your car without too much trouble. 

6. Always Pack a Backup Dressy Outfit 

As an event manager, you always have to look the part. It’s wise to pack a dressy outfit of your own in case you just don’t have the time to head back home, change, and then make it to the event on time. 

In this case, you could simply dust yourself off, change into your event attire, and you won’t need to leave the building. Having an extra dressy outfit onsite is also a good idea in case you have a wardrobe malfunction and need to change last minute. 

7. A Basic First Aid Kit

While many event spaces may supply their own first aid kit, it doesn’t hurt to carry your own.

A good supply of essentials to have in your kit include: Band-Aids, Neosporin, gauze, tape, sanitation wipes, burn cream, an ice pack, tweezers, and a selection of basic painkillers. 

8. Signage and Safety

Carrying an assortment of signage boards can really help you get an edge during your event management. It’s important to have a set of 8×10 sign holders, as well as 4-x6 sign holders.

Make sure to include a collapsible easel, too. This extra signage will help you out in situations of last-minute branding, directional instructions, and menus.

If you’re working a trade show event, you also want to keep tech security in mind. A good way to keep computers and other items of technology in place is with locks and metal cables. You should include two locks and two sets of metal cables in your kit as a security measure. 

Find Tasteful Inspiration Just a Click Away 

As an event manager, there’s a lot of responsibility that falls on your shoulders. By ensuring you are always extra prepared for any type of situation, you can make your mark as an event manager with a serious edge. 

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