How to Install Bathroom Mirrors?

Install Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors have become the most common household toilet products. When decorating a new house, every user will consider bathrooms. To Install Bathroom Mirrors not only expand the bathroom’s sense of space but also give you a pleasant mood in dressing. Make a good start for your day.

After a long period of development, the design of bathroom mirrors has become fashionable. Install Bathroom Mirrors now also use the advanced technology of “no electrochemical plating”. Its pure silver coating is waterproof and acid-resistant. Its balance and flatness have been greatly improved. This makes the mirror clearer and the image more real. The edge of the mirror is edged with diamonds. The edge of the mirror is smooth. The plating is tightly bonded. It has a good waterproof and rust-proof effect. Some products make various exquisite computer carvings and trimming of different shapes on the mirror surface. It is also equipped with mirror lamps designed by famous artists. The difference between high-grade brands and ordinary products is mainly in the authenticity of images. Ordinary products can be cut at will in appearance. Mirror images will deform and become vain. And the problems of poor edging process and uneven mercury plating.

Regarding anti-fogging bathroom mirrors, chemical anti-fogging agent coatings are generally used. The effect is limited by time. Mirror defogging, like car glass defogging, requires wind blowing. The real anti-fog mirror has a heating device behind it. In this way, the water vapor formed on the mirror can be evaporated. Water vapor is not easy to form on the mirror surface. If it is an ordinary mirror, first wipe it on the surface of the mirror with hard soap and water. Wipe it with a dry cloth to form a protective film, which can also act as a temporary anti-fog.

When you are installing mirrors for bathrooms, you can use expansion bolts. Pay attention to the variety of ceramic tiles when punching holes. If it is all ceramic, use a rhinestone. Hit it bit by bit, otherwise, the tiles will crack very easily. If glass glue is used for fixation, do not use acidic glass glue, but choose neutral glue. Acid glass glue usually reacts with the material on the back of the mirror, causing a mottled mirror surface. Before applying glue, it is best to do a solubility test. See if the glue is compatible with the material. The best effect is to use special mirror glue. 

In the bathroom, you usually stand and look in the mirror. The lower edge of the bathroom mirror should be at least 135 cm from the ground. If the height difference between family members is relatively large, it can be adjusted up and down. Try to place the face in the middle of the mirror. In this way, the imaging effect is better. It is best to choose a borderless style. The bathroom is often in a humid state. Therefore, frame materials such as wood and leather tend to change after a long time.

If you want to take a beautiful picture, you must have good lighting. Install Bathroom Mirrors with headlights or lights on the side of the mirror are very necessary. Installing a small mirror lamp on the top of the bathroom mirror can add luster to the bathroom design. The wall mirror on the whole surface of the bathroom can achieve the effect of extending the space. But the reflection of the mirror is more likely to cause visual clutter. Replace the bulky wall mirror with a mirror full of personality. It is also enough to illuminate a beautiful face. Remember to install small mirror lamps on the top. Let the light become softer and convenient for use at night.

Bathroom mirrors can be cosmetic mirrors for women. You can “tailor” a dresser where it is installed. There are usually many kinds of cosmetics on the dressing table. And each one should be arranged neatly. This “tailor-made” dresser is separated by large and small drawers. Owners who like to collect cosmetics can neatly collect lipstick, blush, and powder cakes. At the top of the white dressing table is a large mirror. The carvings on different corners of the wooden dressing table add an aesthetic feeling.

The above put forward personal thoughts on the installation of bathroom mirrors. And some suggestions for the decoration around the bathroom mirror. I hope you like it!


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