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A definition essay outline is amongst the most common types of essays that people write. In different fields such as biology, chemistry, physics etc. they contain some complex processes and terminologies which can be extensively defined to offer readers a clearer view. That is the sole purpose of a definition essay, this kind of essay requires a comprehensive explanation of the term involved.

The direct definition of this type of essay from the name is simply an essay that offers a detailed description/explanation of a subject term, concept or phenomenon. It could be a concrete object, an abstract idea or a definition of a particular word. Another aspect to consider is the term you are required to write on. If you have the luxury of choosing, then probably choose to write on a topic you have an idea on and it also interests you, otherwise you may require some research work to have a better understanding. A trusted essay writer online from EssayService will help you get answers to all your questions regarding essay writing. To read more useful information read essayservice review and get more knowledge about it.

An attention grabbing topic for a definition essay would actually be one that is not common among ordinary people. Avoid simple words that have definite meanings like book, car etc. but rather terms like anxiety, photosynthesis which is related to psychology and science respectively.


An outline is a highlight of your main points concerning your writing. If you are an extensive reader and you constantly glance through a lot of research work, then you would understand the concept of an outline. Although you may need to buy research papers concerning a particular topic or field as they aren’t free. Others are still made available only that they may require subscribing to their website with your email for their daily newsletter.

When you glance through any research paper before you enter the body of the work, you would see an outline that states and enumerates the content of the work. A successful essay requires an outline to ensure organization, focus and coherence on the subject matter.


A typical outline for a definition essay consists of 3 parts. They are I) Introduction II) Body paragraph III) conclusion. The body paragraph is subdivided into 3 parts, they are i) Body paragraph 1 ii) body paragraph 2 iii) body paragraph 3

  1. Introduction: Introduction is the attention grabber of your readers, the purpose of introduction should be to state the purpose of your essay which would be on defining a particular subject matter. The second aspect of introduction is your thesis statement which covers both the connotation and denotation of the term.
  2. Body paragraph: The body paragraph contains your main ideas about the subject matter, they are further subdivided into three:
  • Body paragraph 1: This covers the origin of the term and every other etymological information a reader might find interesting concerning the subject term.
  • Body paragraph 2: The second body paragraph should deal with the denotation of that term. Don’t let the term “denotation” scare you. It means the direst meaning or formal explanation of a term coined from multiple sources like a dictionary.
  • Body paragraph 3: Body paragraph three is the connotation of the word you are defining. This is like the thesaurus meaning of a particular term or we can call it the contextual meaning expressed in your own words. If you buy research paper online, they easily contain connotations because of the voluminous ways a word is used.

3. Conclusion: The conclusion of a definition essay should be short, precise and straight to point. Its importance is great as it sums up your writing and restates the main points of your essay. A closing phrase that connects the readers with the topic creating a sense of purpose is vital.

4. Carry out revision: It is important to revise what you have written. This is easily done by reading aloud and making sure that all definitions are clearly stated. Also make sure that each paragraph is connected logically and they stick to one main idea. Edit your work properly checking your spellings, punctuation, grammar and mechanics. Online plagiarism checker also helps to check the originality of your work as well as Spellchecker. Then your definition essay is ready.


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