Reasons players find live online games intimidating

live online games for players

The online casino is home to a plethora of games. Here players can enjoy live online games such as bingo, scratch cards, slots, table games, and many other RNG titles. Many online casinos also have live casino games lobbies. It is here where you will get your dose of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and a lot more. 

Online table games are popular with many players for a variety of reasons. These are the closest thing you will get to real-life Online Cricket Betting ID. You are playing against real dealers. But beneath all the attractiveness lies an air of intimidation. Many players feel slightly uneasy when it comes to trying these games. This article investigates why this is so.

How live online casinos work

Before we look at some reasons players may feel unsettled by online live casino games, we need to understand how they work. We also need to consider the setup of these games, how they are delivered and how that differs from RNG games. Only then can we possibly understand why one would feel apprehensive about them. 

The online live casino gaming experience is a hybrid version of RNG and brick and mortar games. You are playing live with other players at the table. A croupier is a real person that you can interact and joke with. The games are the same as virtual online variants, but the human element is a plus. These games are beamed all across the world via streaming services. You will enjoy high definition video and crisp audio in all games. 

With all these benefits, it is hard to imagine why some players still need convincing that this is a good deal. But sadly, this is the case. So why would anyone feel this way? Why would it be so difficult to appreciate that online play is the way to enjoy casino games? Here are some reasons we managed to come up with.

Unfamiliar territory

Human beings are creatures of habit. When faced with different options, we always stray towards the familiar things that we know. The natural human condition is adverse to change. That is why we find it difficult to accept new things. The games lobby in most casinos is filled with RNG table games. You will find platforms online that do not have a live lobby but still offer virtual table games. So for players in the online casino, virtual table games are more familiar, it’s what they are used to. This makes it difficult for them to accept the newer, less prevalent form of the game.  

There are many non GamStop casino options listed on These platforms offer both virtual tables and online live casino games. It is easy to familiarise yourself with the games and you can even watch a few live game table games to better acquaint yourself with the speed of the game. The various table limits also help greatly.

Too many moving parts

There is a lot of work that goes into bringing you an online live casino table game. Just think about it for a minute. How many moving parts are required to bring you a live stream into your home? From the cameras, sound mixers, and all those other fancy gadgets. 

If you fail to understand how all this works, it may leave you awestruck. You may develop an apprehensive feeling if you perceive that the games are being manipulated in some way. This comes from a lack of understanding of how the games are brought to you. 

Not understanding the layout 

To get the best experience from any online casino, you need to understand the layout and the options available to you. If you do not know how to play, how then can you not feel intimidated? It will be like being picked at random, placed in a cockpit, and told to fly the plane.

The display in online live table games has a lot of features. It’s your dashboard where you can place bets and control the way the game is played. Familiarising with this is not an event, it is a process. A process that may take a little while. 

There is a lot of fun to be had in the online live casino lobby. You have the convenience of online play coupled with the excitement of live dealers. Though on first inspection it may look scary, when you play you will quickly realise this isn’t so.


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