Wedding In The Wild – 5 Tips For Creating A Stunning Outdoor Wedding

stunning outdoor weddings

A wedding outdoors is a dream for fiancés looking to add the varied and stunning aesthetic of nature to their big day. Whether you opt for a leafy forest ceremony with fairy lights galore or a beachy barefoot reception with seaside themed cocktails, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to stunning outdoor weddings. 

To help you create the most stunning outdoor weddings in the wild, consider implementing these five tips:

1. Perfect The Practical

No outdoor wedding will be beautiful without the practical bits sorted out. Brides tripping over uncleared pathways, grandma being unable to sit down comfortably, guests struggling to see each other in the dark – these and other considerations must be dealt with early on to leave room for the aesthetics to shine. 

Sort out your fairy lights and LED lighting towers, your portaloos, safety issues, and any other practical considerations first, then focus on the showpieces.

2. Reflect The Surroundings In The Decor

Try to match your decor with the natural surroundings of your locale. It’s about echoing the key colours and textures of the wilderness in your wedding design. A great example is if you have oak trees around your reception, you could include an acorn in your favours bag or an acorn print on your invitations. If you’re getting married on a beach, consider creating some easy yet stunning DIY beach wedding centrepieces. 

3. Create Zones

When it comes to the layout of an outdoor wedding, you want it to look purposeful. One way to do this is by zoning the event. Zones you might want to create include:

  • Bar and drinks area
  • Eating and sit down area
  • Foodservice stations
  • Toilets and hygiene hubs
  • A comfortable chill-out zone
  • A dance floor
  • A ceremony area with seating and a podium or stage
  • Gift drop-off and wedding book signature area
  • Groom and bride sit-down table 

Make it obvious how guests are meant to use these zones with signage, arrows, cute pathways and even staff to manage the areas if that falls within your budget. 

4. Lean On The Location For Details

It’s a great idea to lean on the location for the special details that make your ceremony stand out. For example, a sand square on the beach with an instant camera where guests can write you a message in the sand, take a picture, and pin it on a board. You could tie string around a tree with pegs on and include pictures of you and your partner throughout the relationship. You could even just place lights, drapes, and flowers on a tree to make it a feature. Utilise the natural surroundings for special details unique to your wedding venue. 

5.Make It An Experience

Studies tell us that wedding guests value details like food, music, dancefloor vibes, and entertainment. The best way to boost the ‘experience-factor’ at your wedding is to go the extra mile. Get a Gatlinburg weddings photography service to capture the happiest moments at the wedding. How about theatrical food like a forest-themed taster menu, or a local band who get everybody involved in their music? Pushing those standard parts of the event so they are memorable and exciting is how you take your outdoor wedding from okay, to totally mind-blowing.


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