3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Mixer Grinder

Your Mixer Grinder

Your Mixer Grinder is an essential part of any kitchen. They serve a wide variety of purposes. Your Mixer Grinder is a home appliance that is used multiple times in a single day and makes cooking much more manageable. 

They are used to make milkshakes, ice-cream, chop a variety of vegetables and condiments, grind meat and nuts, and so on. A mixer grinder’s main advantage is that it is a highly versatile object. If anything needs to be chopped finely or ground into a paste, then you can do it in a mixer grinder. 

You can also create numerous types of juices and shakes using it. 

For example, you can use a mixer grinder for kneading dough to make bread or pastries. You can grind meat to make sausages and burger patties. The options are truly limitless. 

Mixer grinders also perform everything quickly and efficiently. It does not take more than a minute to chop or grind anything using this appliance.

Mixer grinders are especially useful in an Indian kitchen. It can be used to make idli/dosa batter, numerous kinds of masala or spices, purees, chutneys, ground sugar, ground oats, puffed rice, and much more. 

Given below are three essential things you need to know about a mixer grinder. This guide will also help you choose a Crompton mixer that suits your needs. 

Jar Capacity 

Usually, you will receive three different jars with mixer grinders. Different jars of a mixer have various capacities. The middle jar is the dry grinding jar. And the smallest jar is called the chutney jar. 

The wet grinding jar is used for making juices, shakes, purees, batter, and for liquidizing any substance. It has the largest capacity so that you can quickly make a large amount of liquid in the jar. 

The dry grinding jar is used for the most demanding grinding operations. It is used to grind masala or spices, rice, sugar, and so on. 

The third jar, which is called the chutney jar, can be used to make chutney of different kinds. It has the smallest capacity since chutney is usually made in smaller quantities. 


The different jars that are provided with mixer grinders each have different kinds of blades. The different blades are meant to be used for various purposes. The jar usually has a grinding blade which can be used to make a large variety of dishes. 

Similarly, the dry grinding jar comes with a dry grinding blade. This blade is perfect for making dry spices, cereal, coffee, almonds, cloves, coriander, and so on. 

Third, we have the chutney blade. As the name suggests, this blade is best used for coconut chutney, green chutney, red and green pepper, ginger, and so on. 

Depending on the model, you may also get a number of different other blades such as a mincer blade. 


The RPM or rotations per minute of mixers determine how effective it is. It tells you how fast the blades of the appliance will rotate. The faster the rotation, the more effective it is. 

You can also change the RPM while using a mixer by changing its settings. Most mixer grinders come with four different speed settings. 

If you do not want to ground something too finely, then you may want to use a lower speed setting. If you need to achieve an excellent result, then you should go for a higher RPM. 


Mixer grinders are probably one of the essential appliances used in a kitchen. They are especially important in an Indian kitchen since Indian cuisine requires a lot of chopping, pureeing, mixing, and grinding. 

If you’re looking for a mixer online, then consider the number of jars that are available, the number of blades that you get, and the wattage of the motor. You can check out the range of mixers available at Crompton. Crompton mixers are made with the highest quality parts and come with a warranty.



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