Tips to Deduce How Much It Costs to Hire a Home Electrician + Understanding Their Value

Tips to Deduce How Much It Costs to Hire a Home Electrician + Understanding Their Value

Electricians collectively pull in over 162 billion dollars per year according to a 2020 study. While that number represents a sizeable drop-off from 2019 due to COVID, it is still substantial.

What drives electrician’s ability to rake in revenue is consumers like you that are willing to dip into your pockets to compensate them to come into your homes and do work. That begs the question if you need electrical work done, how much is it likely to cost you to hire an electrician? Also, what sort of value can you expect in return for your investment?

In this post, we touch on both of those queries to give you an overview of what you can expect when you choose to work with an electrical professional.

Cost Variables

While we’d love to give you a flat rate you can use to gauge how much it’s going to cost you to hire an electrician, prices vary. The variables that move electrician prices boil down to four key factors.

Here’s what to watch out for:

Your Area

It’s always going to cost more to hire an electrician in San Francisco, CA than it’s going to cost in Newberg, OR. That’s because the cost of living in major metropolitan areas is higher than it is in niche cities.

So, when you see that the average outlet installation an electrician charges for can range between $250 and $700, assume you’re at the higher or lower end of that range depending on where you live.


Different tasks cost different amounts of money when you hire an electrician. That variable cost mostly relates to how much time it takes to complete a job.

For example, if you need an electrician to install a light fixture, that would run you between $80 and $200. If you need an electrician to wire your newly built home from scratch, that could cost as much as $18,000, depending on your home’s size.

Materials Needed

Some jobs require electricians to use materials they’ll purchase from the hardware store. Those materials will be baked into the cost of your job, sometimes at an up-charge.

Basic installation jobs won’t require much in the way of material purchases. Wiring jobs, on the other hand, will.

Service Call Hours

Sometimes getting an electrician to your house is something that can’t wait. In these cases, you might need to put in an emergency service call.

Off-hour calls can easily double the cost of your appointments. The good news is that if your job can wait until regular business hours, this steep expense can be side-stepped.

Consultation Fees

Electricians will typically charge a service or diagnostic fee just to show up at your property. This fee covers the time of the technician and gas used to arrive at your property and assess your problem.

Most companies will credit back your diagnostic fee if you choose to hire them for the job they diagnosed.

The Value Electricians Bring

By this point, you’ve hopefully realized that there is no exact science to what your local electrician will charge for home services. Outlet, light switch, and appliance installations could cost anywhere from $80 to a few hundred dollars. Larger projects like wiring a home or setting up sophisticated wireless networks could cost thousands.

So, is hiring an electrician worth the expenditure? In almost all cases, we think so.

Here’s a rundown of the value you’ll get by bringing on an electrical professional.

Safety Assurances

The primary reason why we think the cost of an electrician is justified is that doing electrical work is dangerous. Hundreds of professionals die every year working on electrical projects, and those people are pros!

By keeping casual consumers out of electrical work, thousands of injuries and ample lives are saved. When you hire an electrician to tackle your job, you make it clear that your life is worth more than a few hundred dollars.


Not all electricians are created equal. If you leverage these tips though and do your diligence, chances are, you’ll find one that’s outstanding at the work they do.

That expertise means you can be sure your electrical project will get done right.

No flickering lights or ceiling fans that rotate backward. Just solved problems and convenience.


We alluded to the fact that the electrical industry has taken a substantial hit in 2020. Because of that, electricians are boasting more flexibility than ever when working with clients.

That flexibility extends to lower prices, free consultations, a wider range of hours, and more.

Given how easy electricians are making it to work with them in a year that has been difficult for so many, you’d be hard-pressed to not take these professionals up on their offers and let them safely and effectively tackle your job.

Hire an Electrician, Help a Business, Save a Life

You do so much when you choose to forgo DIY electrician work and instead hire an electrician.

You help a business that could be on its last leg. You fix problems that have been plaguing your home. You save yourself from potential injury and death.

In our book, that’s all value worth pursuing. So, do the world a favor, put down your pliers, pick up your phone, and call an electrical professional today!

Are you looking to dive deeper into your cost of an electrician questions? Are you hungry for more tips on how best to filter through your electrician options?

If you are, explore more related content on our blog!


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